The Worlds Greatest Treasure Map Of Truth Decoded

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The world's greatest treasure map decoded

When we were children we all wanted to find the best treasure map, some of us even made our own. As we grew older we were told all the best maps had been located and their treasure’s aquired. 2016 is the year the world’s greatest treasure map of truth is revealed.

Through this newly-found knowledge, the culmination of an advanced, forgotten civilization is shown via an ingenious message, disguised as a Hall of Records treasure map today distinguished by academia as the impervious Nazca Lines.

The word ‘pareidolia’ is associated as a common occurrence for artists such as testified regarding DaVinci for example. It’s meaning refers to seeing elephants and whales hiddden within cloud shapes, a passtime as children we have all enjoyed… also proved it sometimes can mean what is there in plain sight, most can’t see…as in abstract art. A left brain thought process to be precise.

So it is with Nazca, where the line of Truth is drawn.

Since the official air-flight discovery of South America’s mysterious Nazca Lines deemed Earth’s greatest artwork found in the 1920’s, hundreds if not thousands of photos have been taken including drawn and aerial land geographical survey maps being produced. This decoding of Nazca is no accident. It could not be totally inspected, verified and detailed until Satellite technology, Google Earth, personal PC’s and the Internet were created.

In defined detail using the plateau desert as a ‘natural blackboard’ with the mountain range for a signifcant message, the Nazca Lines reveal a collosal Codex as the Great Pyramid blueprints uncovering what we know today of the Great Pyramid, and what we don’t know as of yet that these megalthic blueprints explain and verify with great vicissitude to academic’s equation of humanties known history.


Understanding Nazca is relatively easy; here’s the keys –

As Nazca is a blueprint in architectual form – there are rulers, tape measures, pencils and chevrons (directional markers) academia labels as geometric shapes and trapazoids; there are five different sizes of lines..each different size represents something else so is drawn in a different color to show what is hidden. The thinnest line is a pencil line and predominantly attached at one end by a pencil signifying what it is. There are giant chevrons through each diagram showing orientation. Also there is a ‘Circle-Dot within a Circle’ showing each new blueprint schematic with directional perspective.

There is an issue to distinguish with Nazca – their are tire tracks everywhere from ‘sight-seerers’ so the Nazca Lines must be followed without interuption; in other words – look closely for details to know what you are seeing…you will be able to distinguish between tire tracks and the lines themselves by viewing close up (zooming in), not at height distance.

The geoglyphs play an important part as ‘architectual reading Icons’ to read the blueprint and it’s numerical measurements. Our ‘grand-cestors’ understood language is constantly changing without structured form throughout the ages but that phonics, math, geometry and astronomy doesn’t – it progress’s! This is what is essential for an intelligent civilization to conquer modern technology exposing the riddle as to the ‘why’ behind this archaic coded message.

Nazca's Hummingbird Protractor
Nazca’s Hummingbird Protractor





treasure1 treasure2 treasure3 treasure4 treasure5

The ‘White 2D Cut-Away’ view measuring across the bottom is a staggering 13.1 kilometers wide while the height measured by the ‘white lines’ are 12.6 kilometers long making this man-made mountain taller than Earth’s recorded tallest Mount Everest’s 29,000 feet as the Nazca Lines’s 2D Pyramid is 39,000 feet in megalithic height.

The Great Pyramid ‘NazCAD’ Blueprints with use of the mountain range do signify the Nile River as a message ..and not the original Great Pyramid Blueprints found within the desert lines, does put and end to Nazca’s mystery and all denial !


This is a short five minute ‘fly-over’ using Google Earth with full color in detail showing the NazCAD Blueprints with Pink Floyd’s ‘Hey YOU’ for a sound track mix.

After reviewing Nazca in depth, certain truths become revealed. Nazca is an extensive message ordained by those who came before. Our ancestors show through Nazca by it’s different Geolgyphs of fish, animals and plant life that can only be found in certain parts of Earth which include oceans, stream life and weather patterns that their knowledge of our planet was as extensive, if not more than ours is today. They show a knowledge of using these items for phonics including math and geometry teaching their servitude with each other in perpetual balance with mother nature ..possibly as a society of Left-brain Thinkers.

From researching ancient history and reviewing the hidden stories told at Nazca – it is quite possible our ancestors left these messages knowing full well the greed and hypocrisy of man would keep mankind’s true history sequestered by those who would keep ‘Our’ golden era of history for thier own personal use, thus our parent civilization created a message that when we developed technology for world-wide use, the message could be deciphered and read by all those with the patience to understand this coded riddle… …a message that could never be hidden written exclusively for You!
Next stop on this Codex tour of the world you thought you knew…Central America’s revered Mayan sacred city of the Chichen Itza pyramid’s including the destinguished El’ Castillo located on the Yucatan penninsula.

On the first part of the journey we are looking at the story of life There are plants and birds, a giant and things, there are lines over hills with rings The first thing we met was a bird with a buzz and the sky with no clouds.. the heat was hot and the ground was dry ..but the air was full of sound After two days in the desert truth our eyes begin to be fed After three days in the desert fun we’re researching a mountain river bed and the story it told of a Codex that flowed can make you sad to think of those dead After nine days the blueprints run free ’cause the desert we’ve begun to see There were plans and diagrams of pyramid things, there was lines over hills with rings The Codex in this desert with it’s message on the ground can only be deciphered above Under this message lies a heart made of ground but the academia will give no love..

You see we’ve been through the desert on a Codex with no name It felt good to be totally sane, in this desert can remember truth’s name ‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain la, la~lulla la…

Article written by JD Jeffrey

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