Three Cows Stranded In New Zealand After Quake

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Three cows have become stranded on an island of of grass following the quakes and landslides in New Zealand on Monday.

Thee cows survived the devastation around them and were spotted near Kaikoura by rescue workers.

Mirror reports:

The animals managed to survive by chance, after the land they were standing on held together.

Last night, a huge 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, with a second 6.2 occurring in South Island.

Since then, regular smaller aftershocks have continued to hit the area.

This video shows the stranded cows in the middle of the devastating scene.

Two adult cows and what looks like a calf were seen clinging onto the patch of grass.

It is not known whether they have yet been rescued, after the video was taken from a helicopter.

Search and rescue teams are still scouring the affected areas.

Two people have been confirmed dead as around 700 people were forced to shelter in evacuation zones last night.

More aftershocks are expected to continue throughout the week.

Emergency officials are warning of a tsunami and have urged people living along the east coast to move to higher ground.

The first quake struck 57 miles north-northeast of Christchurch just after midnight local time on Monday and shook much of the country.

A second of 6.2 magnitude struck New Zealand’s South Island at around 2.20am this morning.

And a third of 5.8 magnitude was reported to have hit at around 7am today.

The devastating cost of rebuilding the country could cost “billions”, according to the Prime Minister John Key.

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