Tina Fey Joked About Cosby’s Rape History 10 Years Ago on SNL (Video)

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Tina Fey: Bill Cosby Rapist 2005

Tina Fey – you gotta love her – she’s ALWAYS ahead of the curve… even when it comes to serious topics like rape.  And… she didn’t only do it one, on Weekend Update with Amy Poehler on SNL, but another time on her show 30 Rock.

An article published on Jezebel today called, “Tina Fey Joked About Bill Cosby Rape Allegations in 2005 on SNL” [1] says:

For those who are still on the fence about 30 Rock and Tina Fey calling out Bill Cosby as a rapist in 2009, there’s another twist to the story. Fey made a Cosby rape joke way back in 2005 when she was on SNL.

In 2005, Fey was co-anchoring weekend update with Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live. In one of the sketch’s segments back then, Fey offered this take on the 2005 lawsuit against Cosby, via Mediaite:

“A California lawyer alleged Wednesday that thirty years ago, Bill Cosby drugged her and tried to molest her, and after she fought back, he dropped two hundred-dollar bills on a table and fled,” Fey reported. “Cosby says he can’t be held responsible for his actions, since at the time he was suffering from, ‘the brain damage!'” she added, trying out her Cosby impression.

When Poehler asked if Thompson would be coming out as Cosby to defend himself, Fey continued her impression, saying, “No, Kenan is not coming out because of the ‘Fat Albert,’ and the money, and the sequels!”

“Of course he can’t talk about the boobies, and the groping, and the pudding pops!” Poehler added.

When Thompson did come on the set, as himself, he said, “Wow, thanks for that. Great job, you guys. I didn’t say any of that, because Kenan Thompson loves to work, OK? Peace.”
Four years later, as Crushable’s Jennifer Maier recently noted, 30 Rock (a product of both Fey and SNL longtime executive producer Lorne Michaels) made a similar, yet more scathing reference to Cosby’s alleged history of assaulting women.

I firmly believe that Fey, a woman who worked her way up in the grossly sexist world of comedy writing was damn aware and probably disgusted by Cosby’s alleged history of drugging and raping women. (As a Jezebel commenter noted, she also grew up in Upper Darby, PA, near Temple University where Cosby was until recently on the board of.) I think she wanted to do something about it. She used her platform as a comedian and writer on two high-profile shows to make subtle digs. I think that effort was great years ago when, sadly, all of us in the media were too afraid to take a stand.

But I also believe it would be really great for Fey to at least come forward now and say “yes, I thought Cosby was an (ALLEGED) rapist piece of shit and I wanted to call it out.” So far none of his colleagues and coworkers have taken a stand (except to lamely defend him so they can bask in the warmth of a few tweets from the comedian). Even Chris Rock, the most outspoken comedian in America, only limply offered that he hoped the allegations weren’t true.

Tina. Just let the world know that you felt then as strongly as many of us do now.



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