Tom DeLonge: Everyone Will Know ‘Unnerving’ Reality About UFOs Soon

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"Everyone will know the reality soon. It’s pretty unnerving, with some bad news, some good news."

Tom Delonge promises the truth about UFOs will come out very soon

Former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge has promised that the truth about UFOs will soon be disclosed to the public.

“Everyone will know the reality soon, and unfortunately it’s just not something to laugh at. It’s pretty unnerving, with some bad news, some good news,” DeLonge tweeted in answer to a question about whether UFOs are real or not.

DeLonge’s announcement comes one week before the final episode of his six-part TV series Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation is due to air on the History Channel on 5th July.

The final episode, named ‘The Revelation‘, promises to uncover “shocking video evidence” and “jarring eyewitness testimony” along with evidence about what the American government know about UFOs.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Tom DeLonge shared an encounter he had with a government official about UFO’s.

“The general looked me in the eyes and said, ‘It was the Cold War and everything we did at the time was because nuclear war could break out at any given day,’” says DeLonge.

“‘And somewhere in there we stumbled upon the UFO phenomenon.’ And I remember right when he said that, my heart just started beating like crazy in my chest, I got all the chills. The next conversation that happened for an hour at that booth was extraordinary, life changing and scary.”


  1. The “truth” about aliens will be another lie. Aliens of some type have been here longer than any of us have.

  2. Transgenderism, transhumanism, CERN, Fallen Angels, Nephilim. Yashua told his disciples, “As in the Days Of Noah, so Shall it Be at The End Of The Age”.

  3. It is hard not to believe in UFOs when one flies over your next door neighbor’s house @ ~5mph tree top high. About 80′-100′ from me.

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