Tony Blair to be challenged by UK parliament to reveal his income

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Tony Blair to be challenged by UK parliament to reveal his income

British MP’s have launched a campaign to force Tony Blair to reveal his finances after earning millions from foreign states with questionable civil rights records.

Press TV reports: Conservative lawmaker Andrew Bridgen is to table a parliamentary motion next week demanding that former prime ministers reveal their incomes, amid growing concerns about Blair’s work for controversial foreign governments.

“No other former prime minister has gone to work for other sovereign states,” said Bridgen, adding, “I don’t think that anyone who has held the highest office in our country and knows our secrets should work for another country.”

Bridgen argued that current legislation that applies to serving lawmakers must also apply to former prime ministers, including Blair.

“Mr Blair is still in public life, but is not bound by its principles, and that needs to be changed,” said Bridgen, adding, “I believe he has bought the office of Prime Minister into disrepute and is bringing the constitution and our country into disrepute.”

Blair has faced criticism for advising countries such as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan and for his role as a ‘Middle East envoy.’

Blair’s private consultancy, Tony Blair Associates (TBA), has a multi-million-pound contract with Kazakhstan’s authorities to advise the country’s leadership on ‘good governance.’ Human rights activists have condemned Blair for advising Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbeyev, accusing Blair, of acting “disgracefully” in bolstering the leader’s credibility on the world stage in return for millions of pounds.

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