Top Chinese Diplomat Claims 9/11 Attacks Were an ‘Inside Job’

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A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman appeared to claim the 9/11 attacks on America were an “inside job” by the US government in a tweet on Tuesday.

Zhao Lijian shared a “What people think I do” meme on Twitter featuring various scenes of destruction from U.S. wars in various countries including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Pakistan, the former Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan.

However, in the slot for “What I actually do,” an image of the attacks on the World Trade Center twin towers is shown, suggesting that the Bush administration carried out 9/11 as an inside job.

“Everyone needs a clear understanding of himself. So does a nation,” Zhao captioned the image.

Washington Examiner report that the Chinese Embassy did not respond to requests asking what the Chinese position is toward possible U.S. government involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

Zhao is one of the main proponents of what is known as “wolf warrior diplomacy,” referring to a “jingoistic Chinese film franchise,” according to the Brookings Institution. This style of diplomacy features aggressive and controversial rhetoric from Chinese diplomats, frequently utilizing conspiracy theories to place blame on and troll Western governments.

These diplomats make especially effective use of Twitter, Zhao’s main outlet. The Brookings Institution documented this sudden shift as starting in 2020. Previously, China’s use of the social media platform was limited to a few isolated embassies. By the end of 2020, however, the Chinese presence on Twitter had quadrupled, with 170 different Chinese diplomats frequently bickering with Western governments, particularly regarding COVID-19, foreign policy, and race relations.

Zhao’s Twitter feed is filled with accusations of U.S. war crimes and abuses, revolving around Western governments and allies, support for Russia, frequent criticism of Japan, and denunciations of Taiwanese sovereignty. The top diplomat has gotten into several previous high-profile squabbles with U.S. officials, such as an incident in 2019 in which former national security adviser Susan Rice called him a “racist disgrace” in response to tweets talking about race relations in Washington, D.C., according to CNN.

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