Trans Activists Storm Florida State Capitol Chanting “Whose Schools, Our Schools!”

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trans activists

Angry transgender activists invaded the Florida state Capitol on Friday to protest legislative efforts to protect children from school indoctrination and to safeguard parental rights.

The activists stormed the Florida Capitol building outraged that state legislators were considering the Safety in Private Spaces Act. The act would, among other things, prevent people from using restrooms and other “changing facilities” such as locker rooms that did not correspond to their biological sex

Their “protest” comes just days after a transgender shooter murdered six people, including three children at a private Christian school in Nashville.

GWP reports: The trans activists in Tallahassee were furious over a bill called HB 1069. The legislation would bar school employees from asking students for their pronouns and sharing their own pronouns if they “do not correspond to that person’s sex.”

The bill would also boost parental rights by giving parents the ability to object to instructional material or library books and would require school educators to teach that sex is biologically determined.

The far-left “protesters” decided to invade the state capitol to air their grievances.

They were holding signs reading “Cure Transphobia” and “Stop Trans Genocide.”


One organizer dressed in a goofy tie-dye shirt can be heard screaming, “this fight does not end here. We keep showing up every single day. We keep making our voices heard.”

The man then leads the crowd into a chant of “whose schools? Our schools!”

They also booed legislators as they entered the chamber.

The Republican-controlled House voted 77-35 along almost straight party lines to pass the bill.


  1. what a gaggle of retards, refering to the twitter videos. what the heck? These kids think they are cool? OMG.

  2. A bunch of two year olds who identify as fetuses. A massive collective ass kicking is called for.

  3. Obviously they represent fascists & are schooled in fascist tactics. They are another Communist front group assaulting our society & nation. Why do we not know who is bankrolling, organizing & bussing these shock troops around? Oh, that’s right, the FBI already knows…but are not going tell the people who employ them, when they are in the process of overthrowing their government.

    Allowing people to use private areas like restrooms & locker rooms, when they retain their original genitalia, has resulted in a number of rapes. This shows that some of these people are using this to prey upon girls & women. Allowing it, endangers them. We should not do that to these girls & women. It is unconscionable to expose them to danger just to empower another person’s fantasies. The idea that a person can be SUCCESSFULLY converted to a different sex is a fantasy at this point. We are not capable of a FULL conversion that allows them all of the functions of a different sex & permanently denies them the full function of their original sex as well. They will never be able to live as a natural human or be able to have the satisfactions that millions of years of evolution has coded them to enjoy. The treatments often do not go as planned, require lifelong medical intervention & may lead to future anguish worse than having to adjust to the reality of living as you were made.

    The children do not have fully mature brain function & are not fully cognizant of what it means to be a woman or a man. They are still reading comic books & being manipulated by adults because they have not fully developed their reasoning powers or acquired a useful base of knowledge & experience. They are not prepared to make a decision that PERMANENTLY sterilizes, mutilates & denies them normal life experiences. They are not even legally allowed to sign contracts, drink alcohol, smoke, or skip school.

    It is also more appropriate, & practical, for people to use the plumbing designed for their urinary configuration.

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