Transgender Pedophile Avoids Prison after ‘Woke’ Judge Rules It Would Be “Too Difficult to Cope With”

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Transgender pedophile avoids prison thanks to Democrat judge

A biological male pedophile who raped multiple children has avoided prison after telling a judge overseeing his case that he identifies as female.

68-year-old convicted pedophile Peter Selby was found with over 125,000 images and videos of child rape stored on various electronic devices, some depicting children as young as 3-years-old.

According to reports, Selby confessed his guilt to police immediately upon their search of his home for the materials, claiming that his addiction to adult pornography had “morphed” into full blown pedophilia. reports: Though Peter Selby was convicted of crimes at trial and sentenced to 14 months of incarceration, he will avoid prison or jail altogether thanks to him “identifying” as a transgender woman. Despite the judge’s admission at sentencing that Selby’s conviction proved “just how deviant [his] sexual desires are,” he was let off the hook because of his transgenderism, with the judge expressing concerns over how he would “cope” with the “anxiety” of being a trans in prison.

“You identify as transgender and that has caused issues for you and anxiety for you in how you would cope with that if you were immediately sent to prison,” the judge said at sentencing, opting to instead suspend the jail term which, under UK law, allows offenders to completely avoid incarceration. Instead, Selby will merely attend counseling and register as a sex offender for 10 years.

“You are someone who is transgender and the impact of custody would be significant for you in the circumstances,” said the judge, justifying the incredibly light sentence.


    • The problem is you don’t know anything really about the case. You think you do You think you know what rape means but you don’t. And the law is the problem because it misleads and deceives the public.

        • You wouldn’t understand because you take things at face value and have childish views Simplistic and naive tr

        • Obviously it’s the way the laws written to adjusge the specific situation Which you font know The judge does The law at least understands that there’s degrees of abuse Raping a child by touching its genitals or inserting a finger isn’t the same as violently raping it via sexual intercourse .

        • He doesn’t even know. Every day he makes comments that make no sense. Plus he has an obsession with the Pope.

      • He had child porn of toddlers….3 year olds. He had 125000 photos of young CHILDREN…2400 of those in “penetrative sexual activity, bestiality, and/or sexual sadism.”

        • The article also states he raped multiple children–more than just pictures. According to this judge transgender need more protection than children and babies.

          • Really freaking revolting. I support the death penalty for people that prey on, abuse, or kill children.

          • I agree, the damage done to children will last their life time and if you believe in reincarnation some claims it will carry over then becoming know as scars of the soul. The children need to be protected no matter the cost.

          • Everyone was a child And the costs need to be balanced to outcomes. A big problem now is that the law acts as if adults are just trash. Look at the child who ran that mum and her baby over You support protecting that child the driver, no matter what the cost.?

          • I’m speaking of babies and children—they usually don’t drive on streets. If you don’t think children are worth protecting then that is fine.

          • Do you. So the doctors jabbing children now when we know it’s likely to kill some and harm others What do you think they deserve.

        • Yes, And Google or some other ISP probably supplied them transmitted them published them. And millions more. Or don’t forget England invented child porn as an industry with the Lolita magazine.

          • But nobody is twisting anyone’s arm to look it up and download it to their computers are they? That’s like blaming food manufacturers for making people fat, knife manufacturers for someone getting stabbed, etc.

          • Now your just changing names when your the one who started labeling them as cia. In the first place.

          • my appologies, i did miss the country this was in. However in the USA, same thing, they have judges that protect the child sex trade. why? because the intel services use children to get black mail material on key people so they can be controlled. Your friend epstein was a collector of black mail material using children. He was a mossad asset. he is still alive today. I am sure he changed his look and is walking around in public enjoying life as always.

          • Tell the truth Josey You just wanted to say the CIA did it You didn’t even read it all And no the judge wouldn’t be CIA. That’s the dimvest thing you’ve ever said

  1. What rape was it? Did he digitally rape them or was it normal rape? We don’t even know what the crimes REALLY are because of the dishonest deceitful misleading deceptive manner of the charges being laid.

  2. Epstein gets portrayed as a monster for paying average 15 year olds thousands in cadh for rub n tug. He gets murdered in custody Ghidlaine getsifd behind bars for telling a girl to wear a school uniform and a few other stupid little I cidentsx. That one gets nothing really. Where is the justice.? Course the English aristocracy like owner of the Daily Mail are family value determined nazis who hate Jews. That’s why Harry wore the.Nazi uniform
    And did he pre empt The Ukrainium nazi movement of just have undude knowledge of planned events And how will the use Zelensky Why did they make him president right now What for.

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  4. Give him a music contract sateside CBS? FAST he can do elvis IMPRESSIONs while dressed as the pope?

  5. If I had a dollar everytime the hollywood studio system raped me or my mom I would be a trillionare AGAIN! vertual Raped for 65 years and DNA and sperm stolen by CBS FOX HHMI since age four-if you all knew just how dirty the system is you would live on the moon for however long you could live

  6. I agree in part. This pedo should not go to prison. The death penalty should be applied immediately.

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