Truck Plows Into Crowded Berlin Christmas Market killing 9

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An 18 wheeler truck has plowed into a crowd of people at a Christmas market in the German capital Berlin on Monday, killing nine and injuring over 50, German media reports.

The truck driver has fled the scene sparking fears of a terrorist act.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Local media, citing police at the scene, said first indications pointed to an attack on the market, situated near the fashionable Kurfuerstendamm avenue and at the foot of the ruined Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church that was kept as a ruin after World War Two.

An eyewitness told CNN that the incident “did not feel accidental.” Another said the 18 wheeler truck continued across the whole of the market before coming to a stop. The vehicle was traveling at around 40 miles per hour.

Reports indicate the driver, who was alone in the vehicle, had escaped from the scene. Media organizations are claiming he has been arrested, however this has not been confirmed by authorities.

Television pictures from Berlin showed the truck standing amid debris by small wooden stalls that make up the “Christkindlmarkt” of which there are several in Berlin at this time of year. Police cars and ambulances converged on the scene.

More details are emerging. It is unclear whether the incident was connected to the attack in Zurich earlier on Monday outside an Islamic Center, or the killing of Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey both on Monday.

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