Trump Ally Calls For The Clinton’s To Be Prosecuted

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Roger Stone petition asks Donald Trump to prosecute Hillary Clinton

Trump Ally Calls For The Clinton's To Be prosecuted

Roger Stone, a  renowned American strategist and long time ally of Donald Trump is petitioning the incoming administration to ask a grand jury whether Hillary Clinton should be criminally prosecuted.

Stone said on Monday that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server to exchange sensitive data between 2009 and 2013 should not go unpunished.

Press TV reports:

“No way should Hillary Clinton avoid prosecution #LockHerUp Sign our petition to the Donald Trump Administration,” Stone said in a tweet, while introducing, his new website.

The website included a petition addressed to Trump and his nominee for attorney general Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, asking them to also probe Hillary’s husband, former president Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea.

“Either we are a nation of laws or we are a ‘banana republic’ led by criminals,” the petition said. “After the Watergate scandal, the mainstream media told us repeatedly that ‘no person is above the law.’”

“It is premature for the Trump administration to decide whether Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton should be prosecuted,” it continued. “In truth, the American people do not yet have a full cataloging of their many crimes.”

“We respectfully urge President-elect Donald Trump and Attorney General designate Jeff Sessions to gather all appropriate evidence and submit it to the grand jury to make the potential decision about the Clintons’ potential indictment,” the petition added.

Clinton sent more than 30,000 potentially confidential emails while heading the US State Department. This is while, she deleted thousands of the emails before turning over the server.

Before their ultimate face-off on November 8, Trump accused Clinton of violating federal laws for using a private email server and using her political links to get away with the crime.

He repeatedly pledged to prosecute Hillary Clinton in case he won, reminding the American public that other US officials had faced severe punishments for mishandling secrets on much smaller scales.

The Republican president-elect even criticized the FBI for clearing Clinton of all charges twice.

He also accused the Clintons’ family foundation of accepting foreign donations in exchange for political favors.

After winning the vote, however, Trump retracted his earlier statements and said Clinton’s defeat was punishment enough for her and a prosecution was no longer needed.

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