Trump Jumps Fence To Escape Mob Of Protestors

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Donald Trump forced to jump fence at California rally to escape violent mob of protestors

Donald Trump narrowly escaped a mob of protestors on Friday after being forced to jump over a highway barricade after a campaign rally held in California.

The Republican presidential front-runner jumped a highway barricade in order to safely exit the rally held outside a hotel in Burlingame, near San Francisco. reports:

As video from CBS News video shows, protesters were, for the most part, successfully restrained by police barricades and officers, but the anti-Trump crowd eventually proved victorious, and several members of the protest crowd was able to get around the police barricade and storm the very grounds from which Trump was expected to be making a speech.

Eventually, authorities were able to somewhat get a handle on the situation, but that didn’t stop Trump and his security detail from using a route that involved them hopping the barricades–how ironic–of a nearby highway to enter and exit the venue of the event.

Footage of that is below.

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