‘Russian Hacking’ Truth Bomb Dropped Live On CNN Goes Viral

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Dianne Feinstein dropped a truth bomb live on CNN, telling Wolf Blitzer and his audience exactly what they didn't want to hear.

Dianne Feinstein dropped a truth bomb live on CNN, telling Wolf Blitzer and his audience exactly what they didn’t want to hear.

After months of lies, fake dossiers and innuendo pushed by an increasingly desperate mainstream media, flagship propaganda outlet CNN decided to ask a top Democratic member of the Senate Intelligence Committee a straight question.

Judging by Wolf Blitzer’s shocked response, he was not expecting the answer he was given.

I know that you and some of your colleagues from the Senate Intelligence Committee drove over to Langley, Virginia, the CIA headquarters, and you were briefed,” Wolf Blitzer said, and then began building up to his big question by slowing his voice down, and drawing on the last remains of humanity left in him after a multi-decade corporate media career.

You don’t have to provide us with any classified information, Senator,” Wolf said, deeply confident that Feinstein was about to blow our minds with the revelation that CNN’s fake news about Trump and Putin has some basis in reality.

CNN editors cued up the montage footage of missiles raining down on Syria in preparation for the celebration.

Do you believe, do you in fact have evidence, that there was in fact collusion,” Wolf said, slightly stumbling over his lines as he got closer to the huge climax, “between Trump associates and Russia, during the campaign.

Wolf arrived at the end of his question with such certainty that Feinstein was going to play CNN’s game and feed them the propaganda they need that he didn’t even bother making his question sound like a question.

Which made Feinstein’s truth bomb land with an even bigger thud in the truth-vacuum that is the CNN studio.

Not at this time,” she said.

Wolf was rocked back on his heels.

Not at this time? After months of mainstream media investigations? After Congressional inquiries? After Senate Intelligence Committees being briefed by the CIA?

Oh,” Wolf said, suddenly looking like a boy who opened an empty Christmas present. “Well that’s certainly a concise answer.”

Concise compared to the truth-free propaganda and endless bluster being broadcast by CNN, that’s for sure.

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