Trump Tells Congress To ‘Bring Fairness’ To Big Tech Or He’ll Do It Himself

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Trump Big Tech

President Trump has demanded Congress ‘bring fairness’ to Big Tech or he would have to do it himself.

Just minutes ahead of a congressional hearing with the CEO’s of f Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, Trump threatened executive orders to bring fairness to the major social media platforms.

It also came after Facebook, Twitter and YouTube banned a video that dared to suggest that hydroxychloroquine could be effective as a treatment against COVID-19.

RT reports: Shortly after noon on Wednesday, as the hearing was about to start, Trump blasted Congress for being “all talk and no action for years,” and said he would use his executive powers to deal with the tech giants if the lawmakers once again fail to do so.

Americans are “sick and tired of it,” he tweeted, presumably referring to congressional inaction as well as the rising tide of censorship on social media.

Wednesday’s unprecedented virtual hearing in the House of Representatives is scheduled to feature the CEOs of major US tech companies: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and Google’s Sundar Pichai. While its main focus is supposed to be accusations they have engaged in monopolistic behavior, several House Republicans have accused the companies of censoring conservative viewpoints.

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) even referred Zuckerberg to the Department of Justice earlier this week, saying the Facebook CEO gave misleading testimony to Congress about content moderation practices. 

On Monday morning, the White House announced actions to implement Trump’s executive order from May that would see social media companies engaging in censorship stripped of liability protections if they continue to act as publishers, not platforms.


  1. Yes the filthy hypocrisy of the ” freedom ” living left wing “Democrats” is an offense against humanity and God .

  2. Do it. Big tech protect pedophiles, and when I say pedophiles I mean the democrap politicians, and all of the low IQ Trump haters in pedowood and the music industry.

  3. I am getting banned on many platforms for simply speaking logical truths and fair opinions. Free speech does not exist in this country anymore.

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