Tsunami Warning Lifted After Strong 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Alaska

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An earthquake measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale struck just south of the Alaskan Peninsula on Wednesday evening (local time).

Authorities initially issued warnings and advisory notices about a possible tsunami but they were lifted a few hours later.

The quake, which was the strongest in decades, was located about 56 miles (91 kilometers) east southeast of Perryville, Alaska, and happened at around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said.

RT reports: The US National Tsunami Warning Center issued the most severe warning on its scale for part of the peninsula. The warning was later removed but an advisory noticed remained. A “watch” level status was also removed for Hawaii.

In unverified footage posted on social media, the tsunami sirens can be heard across the bay. The roads appear full as people flee low ground to areas of safety. 

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center also warned of a possible tsunami threat to the US territory of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. 

The organization shared an image on Twitter showing the tsunami travel time indicated by contours on a map.  

The US National Weather Service Guam has downgraded the possible threat, noting, “At this time, there is no tsunami threat out for Guam & the CNMI (Northern Mariana Islands).”

The quake is the largest to hit the US since 1965, and the sixth-largest in the continent’s history. All the US’s most severe earthquakes have occurred in the state of Alaska.

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