Turkish President Erdogan Vows To ‘Cleanse Kurds’, Hundreds Killed

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Turkish President Erdogan vows to cleanse all kurds in a mass-slaughter that has already killed over one hundred

Protests have erupted in Turkey on Monday as President Erdogan continues his military offensive against Kurdish people, promising to “cleanse” Turkey of Kurds. 

The death toll stands at 110 Kurds killed in the last six days, and electricity in many neighborhood’s in Silopi has been cut, as well as food and drinking water running scarce.

Irishtimes.com reports:

The war against the Kurdish PKK has brought a growing amount of Turkish military force against towns in the southeast, with some of the towns under full curfew, cut off from electricity, and with locals reporting less and less food and water available within.

Turkish President Erdogan has vowed to “cleanse” Turkey of PKK rebels in the growing crackdown, and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu vowed today that Turkey would not get “tired” of waging war against the towns.

The war is dividing the country in an ever-growing way, however, with even the opposition HDP calling for open “resistance” to the Erdogan government. The government may remain eager to escalate the crackdown, but they are fueling growing opposition with the way they are carrying it out.

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