Tuscon: Evacuation Orders Issued After Truck Crashes Leaking Hazardous Nitric Acid

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nitric acid spill

Residents of Pima County in southern Arizona have been ordered to evacuate or shelter-in-place after a truck overtuned spilling toxc nitric acid.

People within a half mile of the site of the spill were directed to evacuate, while people within a mile of the site were directed to shelter-in-place.

An emergency alert has instruced people in the area to turn off their air conditioning and heating units to avoid bringing outside air into their buildings.

Shocking videos posted to social media showed dark red and orange fumes rising above the freeway

Arizona DPS has confirmed that the vehicle driver involved in the crash has died.

The nitric acid spill follows another recent disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, where a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed and forced authorities to conduct a controlled burn to prevent a potential explosion.


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