Tuscon Police Chief Allowed Multiple Officers To Rape Young Girl

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Tuscon Police Chief allowed officers to rape young kid

Tuscon Police Chief Chris Magnus covered-up the assault of a child “sex slave” who was brutally raped by several of his officers. 

According to a lawsuit issued by victim Jasmine Abuslin, Magnus failed to “stop several officers using her as a sex slave” while serving in the Richmond Police Force.

Magnus is currently the only person who has the authority to launch an investigation into recent claims that a child sex trafficking camp had been discovered in Tuscon, Arizona by a group of veterans. So far the claims have been widely dismissed by the mainstream media and no police investigation has been launched.

Arizonadailyindependent.com reports: Abuslin’s lawsuit argues that officers “are required and empowered to protect the weakest among us. When weak and vulnerable victims come to them for support and protection, they have the obligation to help, not further the horrors suffered by victims.”

According to court documents, Abuslin “was a victim, trapped in the sex trade since she was a minor. She was exploited by pimps and made to sell her body for money. When the named Defendant Police Officers met Plaintiff, they were legally obligated to help her, not exploit her. Instead of providing her a way out of her exploitation, the Defendant officers continued to victimize and exploit a teenage girl who needed to be rescued.”

Abuslin, who is identified as Jane Doe in the documents alleges that the “officers, their supervisors and city employers either directly engaged in, stood by with a blind eye, or acted to cover up this modern-day slavery of Jane Doe by their own sworn officers in order to engage in sexual acts with her. They expressly and/or implicitly coerced Jane Doe to continue such acts for her so-called protection. These acts constitute unlawful forced labor and sex trafficking amongst Richmond Police Department officers and have caused Jane Doe to suffer unimaginable abuse and pain that she and her family will endure for the rest of their lives.”

Abuslin has been the victim of sexual exploitation since the age of 12, according to ABC news.

According to the Independent, “The allegations first surfaced in 2015 when an Oakland police officer, Brendan O’Brien killed himself. Ms Abuslin had threatened to reveal they were in a sexual relationship when she was 17. In California, the age of consent is 18. O’Brien left behind a note admitting his involvement with Ms Abuslin and implicating several other officers.”

Unsubstantiated reports of questionable behavior have surfaced against Magnus since he took the job in Tucson. Alleged irregularities in the promotion process to claims of favoritism, have according to sources, damaged the morale within the economically strapped and short-staffed Tucson Police Department since Magnus arrived.

Magnus made headlines earlier this month when he tweeted a picture of his private vehicle with a window smashed in by a thief. According to multiple sources, while victims of crime in Tucson rarely receive a visit from police and are forced to report crimes online, Magnus called out several officers to investigate the theft of his backpack from the vehicle.

Prior to Magnus’ arrival, the Tucson Police Department reeled from its own prostitution scandal. Officers were accused of using the services of prostitutes through two brothels; Daisy’s Delight and By Spanish. In that case, to date only the madams and one pimp were charged with crimes.

Like many of them women who were trafficked in the Tucson case, “JANE DOE is readily recognizable as a Latino American female.”

“Rather than such information eliciting a concern that this young woman was repeatedly being victimized as a sexually trafficked minor and thereby rescuing her from such horror, defendants, each and every one, selfishly chose to raise their own debased and perverse desires above the desperation of a young, broken and vulnerable woman,” reads Abuslin’s lawsuit.

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