Twitter Erupts With Calls For Joe Rogan To Moderate Next Presidential Debate, After Chris Wallace Flops

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Twitter erupted with calls for Joe Rogan to moderate the next presidential debate, with the popular podcaster’s name trending on Twitter minutes after Tuesday night’s debate.

Chris Wallace’s moderation of the first presidential debate left a lot to be desired, with critics from the left and right slamming him and renewing calls for Joe Rogan to handle an upcoming event between President Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden.

“Regardless who you’re pulling for, I think we can all agree that Joe Rogan would do a much better job moderating this thing than Chris Wallace,” Blaze Media CEO Tyler Cardon wrote in a tweet shared by the president.

Many, on both sides of the aisle, accused Wallace of losing control of the debate and going too easy on Biden.

“At times, it appeared as if Chris Wallace were pleading with Trump to respect the forum like a parent would plead with an out-of-control child to behave,” CNN’s Oliver Darcy tweeted, adding that Wallace had “failed to meet the moment.”

Chris Wallace obviously thinks he is being cool and intelligent when he is only being self-important and smarmy,”conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza added

President Trump also appears to believe Wallace was biased against him, tweeting out an image of him “vs.” both the Fox News host and Biden shortly after the debate.

Joe Rogan also posted about the debate on Instagram, saying: “You don’t need me to handle this ‘debate,’ you need @johnmccarthymma,” referring to the former mixed martial arts referee and current fight commentator.

Rogan previously stated on his podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ that he would host a presidential debate if Trump and Biden both travel to Austin, Texas (where he now resides after leaving California) and the event could be four hours long without breaks. 

Trump has stated he would be keen to participate, but many Biden supporters have said such a debate should not happen as Rogan is too supportive of the president – even though he has criticized him regularly, did not vote for him in 2016, and endorsed Bernie Sanders for president during the Democrat primaries.

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