UK Police Arrest Man For Handing Out Free Soup To Those In Need

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British police claim they arrested a man who was handing out free soup to people in need because he was in violation of COVID-19 restrictions.….despite it being legal under volunteer exemption.

Nick Smith had been giving out free soup to people in a park in his village every week for several months before Sussex Police decided to intervene.

They claimed he was breaching covid rules by encouraging people to gather.

Summit News reports: However, Smith cited exemptions under the rules for volunteering, which allows for up to 15 people to gather either indoors or outdoors.

Smith said he found the whole experience “very shocking” and insisted he was only trying to help people struggling with mental health issues as a result of the lockdown.

“Showing up every week and being a feature they can rely on is what I wanted to do. They just come because they don’t see anybody they don’t talk to anybody and they’re going crazy,” he said.

Sussex Police said people “providing a takeaway service are required to complete a risk assessment and adhere to Government guidance including social distancing and hygiene measures.”

Smith was handcuffed and given a court summons, but he has vowed to continue supporting his community.

“If not now when, people are going hungry, people are going crazy. If not now when,” he said.


  1. The police should be arrested and if the trurh were ever told huge numbers if both them and lawyers would all be in jail for drug trafficking money laundering and stealing and receiving and sex crimes.As well as crimes of corruption ,perjury ,entrapment, and all sorts of devious acts designed to deceive the world. Without their corruption the communist one per cent wouldn’t have a chance to rule the world ,let alone steal elections Blatantly Them and the whore media Barons together make everything possible.

    • It is ONLY because of corruption that the globalist elite are able to make crime the second most profitable business on earth and you can see clearly them planting seeds to encourage the growth of even more for both lawyers and police and prison owners profits as well as the giant elephant in the bank ,the insurance corporations From little things big things grow Plant an acorn and a mighty oak results They’re so corrupt and in your face with it too.

      • And they ” justify ” it by deceiving themselves that economic growth is the most important thing on earth Pure Mormonism as their religion really Honestly As if criminality is just an industry nothing more nothing less Pragmatic policing They believe that They cant even see the class war ,the real civil war they are conducting against the people against democracy against truth .Blinded by the economists balance sheets

        • Heres the latest civil war statistics 440 000 dead because if Drs and lawyers together blocking the use if HQ as treatment ,and big tech big pharma covid peddlers profit 3.7 trillion from the lockdown whilst the people lost 3.2 trillion .Whose winning the war Not one of them will be arrested by police for 449,000 deaths Not one will be questioned. That’s corruption as a weapon in the class war .

  2. Unbelievable. Maybe they are afraid some soup might give these homeless an unfair advantage over other homeless. Or maybe the entire government are hogs at the trough. Street level bureaucrats are mostly Hyenas scavenging whatever they can from the helpless and cowards at heart.. Especially cops who do this type of thing. And they just can’t understand why people are starting to shoot back.

  3. Sad sad times. Satans in action big time these days, but his time is short so he is rushing to take as many as possible down with him. Sometimes servants of Jesus will be persecuted, but its a glorious thing in many matters, taking a few stripes for your saviour who died on the cross for you can be a massively honourable thing. Jesus Yahshua the messiah will remember and honour his servants

    • Acts 5:40-41

      King James Version

      40 And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go.

      41 And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer

  4. That will happen where there is no constitution and you are the subject to the Crown. Move to the USA. On second thought stay there and overthrow the queen.

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