Video of Massachusetts UFO Has Nation Mystified

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A UFO video has sparked controversy after being filmed over the skies of Medford, Massachusetts

A video of a UFO that is mysteriously shaped like the letter “T” and appears to be able shape shift and become invisible at will has many people across the world confused.

The video, shot in Medford, Massachusetts, has caused an international sensation due to its bizarre subject – the UFO is very different than one usually sees in UFO sighting videos.

A New Kind of UFO?

Siobhan Mcfadden reports of the mysterious UFO sighting in Massachusetts: After shooting the footage close to the Mystic River the unnamed man immediately sent his film to Secure Team who have analysed every aspect of it.

The narrator says: ” This video was captured by a man in Medford, this unmistakable craft, these objects have been appearing for quite some time.

“Right when the UFO first appears it’s a cloudy day, after he saw this object he pulled into his driveway and he didn’t know what it was as it was coming in and out of the cloud cover. It looked like a balloon at first.


“What he catches is nothing short of amazing.

“This is not a balloon, this is not a Government craft.

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” I have never seen a T-shaped Government craft before, I’ve never heard one spoken about as a black project craft and believe me you can guarantee that me and my friends would be one of the first to hear about it because we are in touch with military and former military personnel all of the time and they leak us information about it.

“The source of this footage has been corresponding with us for the past three or four weeks about the crafts he’s seen, but he’s never been able to get footage of it.

“They appear and disappear so quickly he has never been able to get us a good piece of footage.

“He has been seeing these objects for the past two months, of course the Air Force bases deny any involvement and finally he has been able to capture these image.

“These T-shaped crafts are in the form of L’s and he also told me he is seeing these things at night, another thing that leads me to believe that this isn’t a Government craft is that it doesn’t have any lights on it.

“The source said that whenever he is seeing these things at night they do not have any lights on them.

“He said the only way he has seen them at night is basically when it is just at dusk when there is barely enough light still in the sky when you can faintly see the outline of one of these crafts, once it’s completely pitch black it is impossible to see them.

“I agree with him that no alien craft is likely to need aviation lights.”

What do YOU think this is a video of? Is it proof of alien life beyond our own dimension or world? Check out the video below and let us know what you think of this UFO in the comment section.

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