UK Says Russian Airstrikes In Syria Are ‘Unacceptable’

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Russian airstrikes

The British foreign secretary dismissed Russia’s military tactics in Syria as ‘unacceptable’ claiming that Russian airstrikes don’t target the ISIS militants.

Philip Hammond told the British lawmakers: “The majority of Russian air strikes continue to target Syrian opposition forces rather than Daesh…It is unacceptable that Russian action is weakening the opposition and thus giving advantage to the very Daesh forces that they claim to be engaged against”

Press TV reports:

The statements come after at the last G20 Summit in Turkey held last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin told British Prime Minister David Cameron he was seeking to do more to focus Russian efforts on combating ISIL.

Russia increased the number of its strikes against ISIL after a Russian plane crashed in Sinai in October for which Daesh claimed responsibility.

Observers say the Russian army has managed to inflict heavy damages to ISIL militants in Syria. Given to the airstrikes, Syria army has gained further victory in their fight against the militants.

The United States – with assistance from its regional allies especially Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia – has been arming and training militant units to combat the Syrian government.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman pledged last month to further boost the militants operating in Syria, while stressing the need for a “transition away” from President Assad.

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