Ukraine Threatens To ‘Hunt Down’ Americans Who Oppose Further Military Aid for Kiev

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The secret service agency of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) will “hunt down” and assassinate any “anti-Ukraine” journalists or podcast hosts who convince the American people to oppose further military aid for Kiev.

According to UAF spokesperson Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, Ukraine will make an example of an anti-Ukrainian journalist or podcast host “next week.”

Describing journalists who do not support the US Congress sending hundreds of billions of dollars to Kiev as “propagandists supporting war criminals,” Ashton-Cirillo warned they will be “hunted down” by Ukrainian secret service agents and held accountable for their actions. Watch:

The spokesperson explicitly stated that next week, the world will see Moscow’s “favorite criminal propagandist” pay for Russia’s “crimes.”

“And this puppet of [Vladimir] Putin is only the first,” said the Ukrainian military spokesperson.

Although Ashton-Cirillo didn’t explicitly mention the purported target by name, certain Russian bloggers speculated that the spokesperson might have been referring to Tucker Carlson, the former Fox news primetime host who now hosts his own program on the social media platform X.

This alarming rhetoric provoked strong condemnation from online users who expressed their disgust and ridiculed the use of hate speech.

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