Unhinged Cher: ‘Trump Will KILL America if We Don’t Win in 2022’

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Cher says Trump will kill America if Dems don't win 2022

Cher has launched a scathing attack against conservatives, claiming they want to win by “white dominance,” while also predicting that Donald Trump will “kill America” if Democrats don’t win next year’s midterms.

In an unhinged tweet Saturday, the anti-Trump star revealed that the Sam Cooke song “A Change is Coming” triggered the outburst. She pondered what Cooke would think about a third of all Americans “ripping freedom” from black, brown, old, and poor people.

“GOP know they can’t win democratic way so they’ll do it by white dominance,” Cher tweeted. “Instead of ideas, they have hate.”

In her tweet, she included photos of Capitol Hill protesters from January 6 with the hysterical caption, “This is what treason looks like.”

Breitbart.com reports: Cher then made a plea for Democrats to turnout in next year’s midterm elections, claimed that Trump “will kill” the U.S. unless Democrats prevail.

Her latest freakout comes after Cher called the U.S. a “racist” country due to new voter integrity laws being passed in various states.

Cher has repeatedly lashed out at Republican lawmakers, calling them “evil,” “soulless,” and “bigots.” During an appearance last month on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” the singer-actress said every time former President Trump did “something,” she got “angry” and “sick.”


  1. She was never that great a singer or performer.. but I liked her better then.

    About the January 6th demonstrations and the tyranny brought down on us all by the Government response? The Republicans who went along with the hype and hyperbole, false fear and terms like ‘insurrection’ and ‘treason’ are equally responsible for all of this.They should have pushed back day-1. Did they think Pelosi would reward them? Do Republicans who don’t defend their constituency believe they will garner Democrat votes?

  2. I started feeling sorry for her back when she released that “If I Could Turn Back Time” video. A little old lady with a big tattoo on her backside dry-humping the USS Missouri.

    The body was going back then pretty bad. Now the Mind. It’s very sad.

  3. regardless, the dominion voting machines and other forms of voter fraud will make sure the Satanist will prevail in the 2022 elections. Don’t worry Cher, your baby blood supply will continue to be available.

  4. News Punch really is interested in Cher’s opinions. this is about the 12th story about what Cher wants.

  5. The sad thing is that all these people have in their lives is fear: fear of the world they know crumbling around them, fear of death. They have no understanding beyond what is here right this minute and they cling to it for dear life.

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