Trump Lays Out ‘Vital’ Plan To Reverse Biden Regime’s Destructive Agenda

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FBI clears Trump of insurrection charges

Donald Trump has laid out a 2.0 vision on how he will make America great again, again, and reverse the last two years of Joe Biden and the Democrat’s disastrous policies that have resulted in soaring inflation and gas prices, high crime, surging illegal immigration, and left the world on the brink of WW3.

In a wide-ranging interview aired Tuesday night on the Just the News TV show on Real America’s Voice, the 45th President of the United States said his plan begins with recapturing GOP control of at least one chamber of Congress in November and creating a bulwark to stop the destructive Biden agenda.

When I watch to see what’s happening, it’s very, very sad. I mean, our country is being destroyed by these people,” Trump said. “The border is a disaster. We no longer respected. They don’t respect our leader at all. They don’t respect Biden at all.

It’s so sad to see what’s happened to our great USA. But we can come back. I think these midterms are vital, just vital,” he said.

We don’t have a free press. We really don’t have free speech anymore. It’s very bad, very dangerous. These elections are going to be absolutely critical for this country,” he added.

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Trump said he is growing more confident that Republicans can take back the House in the fall elections, but he considers the GOP’s chances in the Senate tougher under Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

I think the House is in great shape. I think the Senate is hurt badly by Mitch McConnell, very badly. I think he’s terrible. He’s also terrible for our country,” said Trump, blaming the Kentucky Republican for allowing the Biden infrastructure bill to pass Congress with bipartisan support.

Not interested in the job of House Speaker

Trump threw cold water on one idea being floated by conservatives like Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., who wants to nominate the former president to be House speaker if the GOP wins.

“It’s not something I want,” he said. “A lot of people bring it up. It’s brought up all the time.”

He added a second time for emphasis: “It’s not something I would be interested in.”

Trump offered a pointed message for defeating the Biden-version of the Democrat Party.

They have no voter ID, defund the police, sanctuary cities, weak military, we’re gonna raise your taxes, no energy independence. All things that were all done,” he said. “Bad on religion. Bad on the Second Amendment. Bad on oil.

The system is totally broken. Our system is broken. And we’re going into socialism. And we’re going into communism,” he added.

Fighting inflation starts with energy production

Trump said he believes runaway inflation, which some fear could reach 10% annualized in March, could be alleviated by quickly ramping up oil and gas production and lowering energy costs that affect everything from transportation to food production.

We have to straighten out inflation, which we can do much easier than people know,” he said, noting he had gas prices down to $1.87 a gallon at one point in his presidency.

If energy comes down, it’s so important,” he said. “Other parts of inflation are coming down too. I was saying today, ‘I read where food is going to make energy look like it’s a good deal, that the food prices are going to go up much more very soon, much more than the energy prices.’ “

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Several times in the interview, he championed the cost of the Biden agenda on everyday Americans, reverting to a strategy he used often in 2016. He noted that in some places gas was nearing $5 a gallon in the Midwest “where it was never that bad” and that people go to stores and cannot find items that used to be readily available.

Can I give you an example on the supply chain?” Trump asked. “You go to a store, they don’t have bread, like a third world country. They don’t have things. You go to buy something at Tiffany, you go to buy something at a hardware store – high or low – they don’t have product. They say, even me, ‘When I order things like furnishings for a building or something, they say it’s gonna take nine months to get when it used to be like, same day service.’

Withholding foreign aid until countries take back their illegal migrants

Trump said solving crime and border surges will require more than just securing the border like he did last time, saying many countries have released prisoners who have now migrated into the United States illegally and will need to be repatriated.

We have to immediately seal up the border,” he said. “And we have to get a lot of the people out because many of these people came from prisons in these countries.

“It’s no longer just those few countries, including Mexico that I talk about all the time. It’s now like 140 countries. Some people said they didn’t know there were that many. They’re just flooding in. And they’re almost all letting their prisoners out into the United States. Why wouldn’t they? It’s very expensive, keeping prisoners, and they don’t want them anyway.”

Trump said he learned during his first time one effective tool is to threaten to withhold foreign aid to get countries to take back criminals who migrated illegally into the U.S.

We’re taking them out by the thousands, bringing them back to their countries,” he said. “Their countries said no. I said, ‘That’s OK. We’re not going to pay the country anymore. We’re not going to pay you the hundreds of millions.’ Then they said, ‘Yes, absolutely. We’d love to take them back.”

Election integrity modeled after Florida and Texas

Trump said he believed the country could reverse declining trust in vote counting by getting states to model their election laws after those in Texas and Florida, which have mandatory voter ID, reject no-excuse absentee ballots, reject non-citizen voting and strong enforcement as a deterrence.

Texas has a great law. Nothing’s gonna happen there,” he said.

You have to swamp them, because there comes a point when they can’t cheat that much. I believe that happened in Florida. That’s why I did so well,” he added.

Stabilizing the world, and a NATO for China

As he has stated in recent rallies, Trump re-iterated he did not believe Vladimir Putin would have invaded Ukraine if he were still president, detailing a conversation he once had with the Russian leader.

“I spoke to Putin about it,” he said. “I know Putin very well. I spoke to him about a lot of things. And I spoke to him about Ukraine, because I know he wanted it. But he knew he could not do it. Not with me.

Trump says world leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin do not respect or fear Biden

The former president said Biden’s bungled exit from Afghanistan this past summer almost certainly emboldened Putin to go much further than he planned on Ukraine but that the Russian leader miscalculated the will and capabilities of the Ukrainian people.

I think what happened, he (Putin) was on the border, he had 200,000 people, and he was negotiating. He was going to make a good deal,” Trump said. “And then he saw what happened in Afghanistan. And he said, ‘Man, these guys are incompetent. Let’s go in.’ And he didn’t know the force that he’d be met with.

Asked whether he would build on the Quad alliance he launched to counter Chinese aggression during his first term and create a NATO for the Pacific, Trump suggested the current NATO might expand its mission.

Well, I think this NATO maybe should be involved,” he said of China, noting how he got NATO countries to pay up on delinquent contributions.

I’m the best thing that ever happened to NATO, because I made them pay. So NATO has plenty of money now.”

No free press, no free speech

Trump made clear he won’t decide whether to run for president in 2024 until after he sees what happens in the midterm elections.

I want to look at what’s happening,” he said of the midterms. “And then we’re going to be doing something else.

But he made clear he views the next two elections as a litmus test for the sort of America we will live in for decades.

We don’t have a free press. We really don’t have free speech anymore,” he said. “It’s very bad, very dangerous. These elections are going to be absolutely critical for this country.”

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. But we do have a free Press, they’re free to lie and provide cover for libs and they expect to be held unaccountable.

    • Between the CIA and Murdoch you have no free press You never have But because you don’t really have a clue about the truth you don’t know You think “alternative media” are telling the truth. They aren’t Only some private individuals on the Internet and some books locked away in. Closed reserve in libraries and some banned books tell the truth. And most journalists are too young to have had the time to do the years if research needed to know the truth from the lies. And the old ones basically have been too brainwashed.

  2. I can just hear the media now when trump makes peace with Russia. Oh boy. Trump is Putin’s puppy! Trumpski, and so on.

  3. this two party system of oligarchist vs oligarchist is so out of tune with the will of the people as they dance for monopolistical multilateralisms that america will be a ghost town before they are done with it

    • It will be returned to the British Empire, from which it never really left. They just marketed it to appear democratic The elections HAVE ALWAYS been rigged Everywhere. Its all fraud.

  4. There will not be an America in 2024, we need to stop this evil regime now. Please become the Speaker so that when we take out Biden and Harris you will become the President and can run again in 2024 to continue your progress of “Making America Great Again.”

    • Pelosis speaker because she’s Catholic. Bidens president because he’s Catholic Johnson Macron Trudeau all Catholic The next contender here is Catholic The 2 richest States are Catholic led. Chief justice if the SCOTUS is Catholic FBI, CIA DHS all Catholic controlled Murdich is Catholic and the NATO leader was schooled at the most prestigious Catholic school too About 800 yo school.
      Trump wife Melania s Catholic
      Usually no Catholic female will marry a Protestant UNLESS she’s been given special permission from her church or her husbands just pretending to be Protestant, like Tony Blair did.
      We don’t know anything about any of their real private life’s We only see staged shows.
      Were kept in the dark. About everything.

  5. So 2 Freemasons are working together to cause a civil war. A most likely faked and staged one. Like the 2 Freemasons on stage at the Oscars, who got major publicity, for the Oscars when nobody really cares about actors giving themselves awards for what Freemasons use to destroy our souls. All Freemasons are actors. Trump was the actor used to piss off China, and begin the economic downturn via trade with China. Biden is the actor used to piss off Russia, set up the bio-labs in Ukraine as an excuse for Russia to become our enemies and go after the NWO and it is all fake. So when the economy drops from China and the war with Russia begins and then both Russia and china unite against us and freemasonry=NWO takes down America we can blame Trump and Biden. There are no opponents, in freemasonry’s NWO. It is satanic, Lucifer does not allow those who belong to him/psychopaths any free will. They just obey. Like Chris and Will. Chris stood there with both legs braced for the hit. As will approached, he did not turn duck or back away, or look perplexed. He waited and kept his face iand body in a position to take the hit. Because Freemasons do what they are told to do. Trump and Biden just do what Lucifer tells them to do. Its a big act. They think you are all stupid. Biden and Trump are stupid. Freemasonry is stupid. They will soon find out how stupid they all are when they are all taken from the earth to eternal Hell and find out that is all they got for selling their souls.

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      • their lodge membership is everywhere and where I grew up at over 350 murders by proxy never even looked at.That is in 35 years CORNFEILD MOFIA I have a endless names list of whom they murdered the where the when.So maybe faking tin TIN could work on them for like ten mins.I went to every dept in all levels of enforement took down some of them but most just said that THIS GUY IS GOING TO BE A PROBLEM but with all my loved ones doffed it is impossible to look the other way

    • Because they stole it from Pharoah. The Jews created a revution by demanding their freedom and so became the first democratic free nation. That’s why they hate them.

    • He sounds right but that’s easy to do. It’s very easy to say what anyone knows the people want to hear. But he should have learned from the past that just patching up holes in the American corporations balance sheet won’t change much And won’t change rhe globalist intentions. He can’t change them. End of story. All he can do is interrupt them a little bit. He doesn’t have rhe courage or the military backing to make any lasting difference And he should admit it or at least address the
      bigger picture. But he’s just dodging and beating around the bush.

  6. treason has been committed – if guillotines or firing squads are not part of the new plan then ‘the new boss same as the old boss “echo” – wait, he was the old boss, will he get it right this time or do we need men instead of a flipping ‘dandy’ to do it..

  7. Symbols tell the truth, that’s why they hide their meaning Those flags mean he is under the international , aka globalist rule of law.. People just simply are stupid and so have to be treated as ignorant uneducated children who really, despite thinking otherwise, don’t have a clue And that’s because the Internet is designed to deceive them. You tube and all the rest are neo nazi operations.
    “there are only 2 things that are infinite :the universe and humans stupidity” Albert Einstein.

  8. Trump signed the CARES ACT. Trump bought in the vaccines. Trump built up NATO. Trump sanctioned Russia. Trump wanted to start war with China saying they caused covid.
    Anything good he did has been overturned.
    He had the election stolen. No one supported him. No one. Just Sidney Powell rudy guiliani and that little lawyer girl Jenma someone or other.
    No courts did anything Nothings been done to support him But the Republican party keep him up on the stage.
    It doesn’t make sense, so it’s not true.
    It’s a show.

    • desantis says you can’t teach 3rd graders faggery, but after 3rd grade, be his guest and teach faggery.

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