Top Professor: We Need To Kill All White People In The United States

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US professor proposes to kill all white people

A professor at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston has proposed killing all white people in the United States as a way to eliminate vaccine skeptics. 

Carol J Baker, an infectious diseases expert, ‘joked’ at a May 2016 event in Atlanta, Georgia that as vaccine refusniks tend to be overwhelmingly white, the solution is to simply “get rid of all the whites in the United States”. reports: Baker, who is a Pediatrics-Infectious Disease Professor at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, told a National Meningitis Association panel discussion that a “solution” to the large numbers of white people who refuse to let their children be given vaccines is to “get rid” of white people.

“We’re talking about the minority [of vaccine refusers], and strategies against the minority,” said Baker. “So I have the solution: Every study published in the last five years, you look at vaccine refusers, I’m not talking about people we can talk them into coming to terms, but refusers. Let’s just get rid of all the whites in the United States, because Houston is the most diverse city in the entire United States.”

Baker went on to note how she as a white person was “in the [racial] minority for more than 20 years in the city of Houston,” adding that immigrants are superior because they take their vaccines.

“Guess who wants to get vaccinated the most in Houston? Immigrants!” said Baker before going on to assert that there should be a “war” that is “fought one on one, with individual families” to make their children take vaccines.

We can only assume that Baker was making a crass joke (few seemed to find it funny). The fact that she is an infectious disease expert makes the joke even more ghastly.

Imagine a situation where people in the black community were refusing to undergo a certain treatment or medical procedure. Would anyone ‘joke’ that a good solution would be to “get rid” of all the black people?

This is yet another example of how casual anti-white racism has been allowed to become mainstream by dominant leftist cultural institutions.

The kind of rhetoric spewed by Baker only encourages actual white supremacists and just leads to more racial division.


  1. She should volunteer herself to go first. What an ignorant idiot. Look at yourself in the mirror and see the mental illness looking back at you.

  2. No. Coming from that ugly creature? Consider directing these intentions to Anglos and people infected with any anglo/zion diseases. Picking the European variety of light-skinned people is irresponsible, racist, stupid, and bigoted, to use more modern language.

    Just because most “White” people having head problems doesn’t mean the whole race needs to DIE. Even just the top 10% of the European people hold over half the intelligence, genius and work-force to the inner-workings of the planet. To say you want to kill that is to say you want to kill most of the planet. So, another Earth-hating Anglo bitch.

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