Harvard Student Illegally Crosses Border For Dying Mom and Receives Humanitarian Parole

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A son’s love and bond with his dying mother inspired him to cross the border illegally to be with her.  As the Student Guide reports:

Dario Guerrero Meneses spent several months in Mexico after illegally crossing the border, but he can now return to the United States after receiving a humanitarian parole. The Harvard University student broke the immigration policy to accompany his dying mother to Mexico’s clinics that offer alternative cancer treatments.

The U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service declared him an illegal immigrant and deported him effectively after crossing the border without permission. After his mother’s death in August, the agency has denied him entry to the U.S and return home to his family in California.

Guerrerro’s attorney received a letter Tuesday from the agency, allowing him to return home, Peter Orsi and Laura Wides-Munoz reported for Missoulian.

“Oh my God. I don’t know. I feel good!” said Guerrerro, adding that he was excited to return to school.

However, the parole only lasts for two years, and would not grant him legal residency or even a U.S citizenship.
Guerrero’s parents brought him from Mexico to California at the age of 2. He only learned about his illegal status later on, and became among those who were granted amnesty in 2012 through U.S President Barack Obama’s efforts.
“The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service did a great thing,” said Alan Klein, the Harvard student’s attorney. “He should be back in America in a few days.”

“This is the perfect (humanitarian parole) case,” he added. “He knew that he could possibly give up his right to be here so he could take care of his mother. He’s the reason we have immigration, and he’s the reason we have a Statue of Liberty because he is what we want here.”

“My mom had a lot of ups and downs,” Guerrero said, adding that the radiation and chemotherapy were no longer working. The doctors have removed one of her kidneys.

Guerrero claimed he tried to get the government’s approval, so he could leave the country. He waited for a month and a half, and even requested twice for fast-track processing. He decided to leave, instead of pleading his situation in person as his mother’s condition was worsening.

“The decision to actually leave was made overnight.”

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