Whistleblower Clinton Foundation CEO Missing, Presumed Dead

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Clinton Foundation CEO presumed dead after exposing corruption within the Clinton organisation

Fears are growing over the whereabouts of Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman after he went missing in October following accusations that he leaked the Podesta emails to WikiLeaks. 

Some fear that Braverman may have been killed, since an email mentioning his name was released by WikiLeaks in which Clinton Campaign chair John Podesta accused the CEO of leaking details about corruption in the organisation to the press.

Stream.org reports:

In the March 2015 email exchange, Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden told Clinton campaign manager and confidant John Podesta there was a mole within the Clinton Foundation. Podesta in his reply told Tanden the mole was Braverman.

Braverman had abruptly resigned from the Clinton Foundation shortly before this email exchange took place. And then, after the email exchange was made public by Wikileaks, Braverman vanished from the public eye.

This seems like a story that someone might want to report.

The last evidence of Braverman’s public activity was October 12, when he posted his last tweet on Twitter. (Usually he tweets about once a month. His “husband,” Neil Brown, hasn’t tweeted since August, although he rarely tweets.) I left a voicemail on Braverman’s personal phone and sent him an email, but received no response. He is still listed as a lecturer at Yale University and, contrary to some reports, there is a record of his lectures going back several years. I contacted the press office and Braverman’s department at Yale and received no response.

Braverman, the Podesta Leaks and the Clinton Foundation

Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, told The Daily Mail that Podesta’s emails were leaked to the organization by a disgruntled insider, not the Russians. Consequently, there are suspicions it may have been Braverman. (Though some of the Podesta emails are dated after Braverman’s tenure with the foundation, if he had Podesta’s password, he could still have accessed his email after leaving.)

Re: Tweet from @JoeNBC
To: john.podesta@gmail.com
Date: 2015-03-08 19:48
Subject: Re: Tweet from @JoeNBC

Holy Moses.
Sent from my iPhone> On Mar 8, 2015, at 5:23 PM, John Podesta <john.podesta@gmail.com> wrote:
> Eric Braverman
> JP
> –Sent from my iPad–
> john.podesta@gmail.com
> For scheduling: eryn.sepp@gmail.com
>> On Mar 8, 2015, at 4:49 PM, Neera Tanden <ntanden@americanprogress.org> wrote:
>> @JoeNBC: A source close to the Clintons tell @ron_fournier to “follow the money” and find the real HRC scandal. http://t.co/lPTQY0L0o4
>> I’m hoping someone is keeping tabs on Doug Band. Quote in here is from someone who worked in Clinton Foundation.

Politico ran a long story about Braverman’s ouster in 2015. Based on email correspondence released by Wikileaks, Braverman was apparently hired by Chelsea Clinton to clean up the corruption in the foundation, but then forced out of the foundation by longtime Clinton loyalists; sources say Podesta made him a target.

In 2011, Podesta’s leaked emails show that Chelsea was aggressively calling for an internal investigation. For example, former President Bill Clinton had raised over $1 billion though the foundation to rebuild 100 villages in India, but only $53 million was spent on the project. Also, Braverman resigned at the time Hillary was arranging one of her notorious “pay to play” deals with foreign leaders: a $12 million contribution from the king of Morocco in exchange for giving a speech.

#Where’s Eric: Did Braverman Request Asylum From the Russians?


So far Braverman’s apparent disappearance has only been discussed by bloggers and fringe websites, which often mix the fact that he has gone silent with other unconfirmed claims. For instance, the site WhatDoesItMean.com reported that Braverman requested asylum in Russia on October 23. The information apparently came from a Russian blogger, who reported it in a rambling blog post on LiveLeak.

That’s pretty thin evidence. Moreover, WhatDoesItMean.com is known for posting questionable news stories. The left-leaning, myth-debunking site Snopes labeled the news site’s account of Braverman as false, but based its judgment on the fact that website publishes false stories. Aside from this circular argument, Snopes provides no independent evidence for its judgment. I contacted the Russian embassy and received no response. So at the moment, the claim that Braverman requested asylum from the Russians is an unconfirmed rumor.

#Where’sEric: Could Braverman be in FBI Protective Custody?

There are also rumors that Braverman is in FBI protective custody, perhaps in exchange for testifying against the Clintons. Sources within the FBI have said it is likely there will be indictments handed down over the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play schemes. Senior FBI officials told CNN that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation had never ended and is still ongoing. According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, that probe now involves as many as five FBI bureaus across the country: New York, Little Rock, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Miami.

Would the FBI have hustled Braverman to safety once it was known Podesta had pegged him as a mole? This theory seems plausible, given what we know. But there is still no independent evidence of it.

All Questions, No Answers

If Braverman is in hiding to protect his life, is it because he leaked the Podesta emails to Wikileaks, and/or is he preparing to testify against the Clintons? The one thing we know is that Braverman has disappeared from the public eye, and that neither he, his “husband” Neil Brown, nor his family, nor his Yale employers, has made a single public statement to dispel the speculations.


  1. Fake news unless actual and verifiable proof is supplied. Don’t be part of the Information Illiteracy brigade, like the leader of the Facebook group “Green Voices For Progress” clearly is.

    • Braverman hasn’t shown up for scheduled classes in months. There’s your proof, Patrick. Have no fear about my literacy. And Facebook is for sheep.

      • Not showing up for classes does not a dead person make. It’s odd for sure, but presuming he’s dead is a bridge too far. Maybe he’s in hiding, like in Ecuador – there’s just no way of knowing.

        • Don’t be so quick to say “fake news unless actual and verifiable proof is supplied.” A lot of REAL news first starts out as being temporarily unverifiable and full of questions just like this article on Braverman.

          Given the long list of other whistleblowers who have been found dead…some having committed “suicide” by shooting themselves TWICE in the back of the head…,I don’t consider the possibility of Braverman being dead “a bridge too far”. In fact, it seems MORE plausible that Braverman COULD be dead than of his having gone to Ecuador or being placed in a witness protection program.

          Also, I am wondering why Braverman’s family members, friends, coworkers or even Braverman himself aren’t coming forward to reassure people that this man is very much alive. This lack of action seems extremely odd, especially when coupled with Braverman’s not showing up for work these last few months.

          One incident of and by itself suggests nothing. But when you start finding quite a few odd incidents, it’s only right to wonder and question what’s going on. That’s how ANY ‘entire picture’ comes about.

  2. I remember Hillary Clinton making a big deal to Donald Trump during one of their debates that he doesn’t address issues fast enough to the press and it makes the rumors fly (not her words but close enough). But now look? You would think someone close to Eric Braverman would publicly want to put this rumor to rest that he’s missing or seeking asylum in another country to protect himself from being a MOLE inside the Clinton Foundation. It would be nice to know going forward that he is indeed alive and well and those of us online are just being tin-foil-hatty! How about Braverman himself come out to let everyone know that he’s fine. Until this happens, people are going to wonder if he’s dead and they’re going to wonder too if he’s one of the insiders who downloaded the emails and forwarded them to WikiLeaks. Seth Rich of the DNC is definitely dead but his murder will never be solved….intentionally. Americans are sick of not being told the truth and having a media that doesn’t do it’s job!

  3. Well if they are dead I’m sure Clinton’s had them killed!!!! Long list of murders due to the Clinton’s.

  4. Something has to be done with the Clinton’s, the whole country is waiting! We expect more than a slap on the wrists and a fine! There has to be serious jail time for these criminals!

    • My God, how much evidence is it going to take to put these corrupt Clinton’s away for good? They have spent their whole adult lives trying to outsmart and out maneuver our Justice System. Someone on the inside who knows the whole story needs to tell America what the heck is going on with these mafia like Clintons.- but, who is brave enough? 1/3/17

  5. I just have a really big problem with husband being in quotation marks. Either Neil is his husband, if they’re married… Or his partner, if they’re not… PLAIN N SIMPLE AS THAT!!! Saying ‘his husband’ or ‘her wife’, it’s obvious you’re referring to a same sex couple… But when you use quotation marks around husband n wife, you’re being rude, belittling, n condescending… N somewhat racist!!!

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