First Official Electoral College Defector Dumps Hillary For Bernie

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Electoral College

The 2016 US election still has some surprises in store.

Amid a push from Democratic loyalists urging the Electoral College to defect from Donald Trump, the first official “faithless elector” has just outed himself.

In a surprise turn of events, the elector defected from Hillary Clinton and cast his vote for Bernie Sanders instead.

Wait, What?

An Anti Media report:

According to The Hill, Minnesota elector “Muhammad Abdurrahman, a former Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention, attempted to vote for a presidential ticket of Sanders — an Independent senator from Vermont — and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii).”

However, Abdurrahman’s vote for Sanders was considered invalid, and he was promptly replaced by an elector who would cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Many Bernie Sanders supporters remain at odds with the Democratic Party over its treatment of Sanders, citing evidence leaked by WikiLeaks that the DNC colluded against him, as well as the media’s perceived bias in favor of Hillary.

As electors meet today, the Electoral College is expected to give Trump the 270 votes needed to officially secure the presidency.

Democrats have been pressuring the Electoral College to switch votes from Trump to Hillary since she won the popular vote, also citing as-of-yet unconfirmed speculation that Russia intervened in the election for Trump.

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