False Flag: Trump Supporters To Be Blamed For Gunning Down Democrats

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false flag

A constitutional American citizen says Clinton operatives are getting ready to gun down innocent people and blame it on trump.

The false flag operation will be broadcast as genuine by the presstitute media.

They have already prepared scripts and employed dozens of new news anchors.

All the powers of the Orwellian state that has come to define present day America is bearing down to ensure a clean televised Hillary Clinton victory in the presidential elections.

If not, innocent lives will be lost, and the powers that be will deploy all measures necessary to hold on to power.

The new narrative will be that if lives are to be lost then they will be lost to protect America from enemies within and without.

Are you going to wait till the news anchors tell you America’s future? Or do you already know?

Make history before it makes you.

Vote Freedom, Now, not Apocalypse Now.

If you want to know U.S. history before it happens then read on.

Natural News reports:

As Dave Hodges has correctly pointed out in this article, both the New York Times and Washington Post have been interviewing pro-Trump supporters who are warning readers about the possibility of an armed citizens’ revolt if Hillary Clinton steals the White House.

I was interviewed last week by a Washington Post reporter, whom I told flat out that “your newspaper has zero credibility” and that whatever I gave them on the record would likely be twisted and selectively edited to fit their desired narrative. That’s why I recorded my entire interview with their reporter, who turned out to be rather polite and genuinely concerned about one of my predictions. To his credit, if he actually writes and publishes an honest story rather than a propaganda piece, I will make note of it.

Why did he call me in the first place? My widely-shared article predicting leftists bombings of government buildings was published several days before the GOP headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed by violent leftists. In my original story entitled VOTERS WARNED: You’ve already lost America… this election is about taking it back in the last non-violent way possible, I wrote, “As all this is going down, you should fully expect violent, extremist leftist to be setting bombs all over the place, with funding for the bombs coming from George Soros, the key funding source of domestic terrorism in America.”

Just a few days later, the bombings began in North Carolina, confirming one of my predictions and possibly giving my article the credibility that might cause mainstream media reporters to be concerned about what else I’ve been predicting. (Note to reporters: Yes, you should read my predictions if you really want to know U.S. history before it happens…)

Those additional predictions, by the way, include one possible scenario where armed Americans march on Washington and occupy the White House, resulting in the kind of bloodshed and violence we all hope can be avoided in any civilized nation. My article called on Americans to avoid this scenario by taking back their country at the ballot box, thus reestablishing the balance of power at the ballot box.

Yet, ironically, it is the mainstream media that is playing a monumental role in making sure America’s elections are no longer open, free and fair. The media’s radically one-sided promotion of Hillary Clinton coupled with extremely biased attacks on Donald Trump only confirm to tens of millions of Americans that the system is entirely rigged against them. Had the media engaged in something resembling balanced coverage of the candidates, I doubt there would be much of the sense of anger, frustration and incredulity that’s now reflected across much of the voting population.

The leftist media, in other words, is at least partly to blame for the extreme political polarization now being witnessed across America. And that’s directly because the media has now chosen sides… and the side they’ve chosen is the side that despises almost everything America was founded on.

Gunning down democrats to blame Trump supporters

ANALYSIS: It’s now clear that the same leftist media which has systematically rigged everything — staged debate questions, staged polls, rehearsed audience comments at CNN, deep collusion with the Clinton campaign, total censorship of Wikileaks emails, etc. — is colluding with Clinton-linked terror operatives who are going to commit acts of mass violence that will be blamed on Trump supporters.

It’s a repeat of the exact same Trump rally violence that’s been caught on video by Project Veritas (ProjectVeritasAction.com), where democrat operatives openly admit they take money from the Clinton campaign to stage and carry out acts of extreme violence so they can be blamed on Trump.

Now, I fear, they are taking that false flag operation to a whole new level. It’s now obvious to me, after talking with the Washington Post reporter, that leftists operatives are going to pretend to be Trump supporters and then open fire on crowds of Clinton supporters using automatic weapons. Leftist propaganda rags like the NYT, Boston Globe and WashPost are readying their articles to blame Trump supporters such as myself, Dave Hodges and Alex Jones, declaring us guilty of using “inflammatory rhetoric” any time we discuss the proper role of the Second Amendment in defending democracy against criminal government regimes.

This is all being orchestrated in advance… scripted like everything else coming out of the (fake) leftist media. It may even involve a staged false flag attack at an actual Clinton rally where CNN cameras will be sure to cover the bloody mayhem. The anti-Trump narrative will be unleashed within minutes, consisting of a barrage of queued stories and the universal condemnation of Donald Trump who will be accused of “signaling” his supporters to carry out the act that was actually carried out by paid terrorists working for the democrats.

Don’t forget: These are the same leftist conspiracy riggers who staged the “crisis actors” of Sandy Hook, where oddly enough, one of the SWAT team “snipers” was caught on camera clumsily carrying a sniper rifle not long after he also played the role of a sobbing parent who “lost a child” in the mass shooting. The actor’s name is David Wheeler, and you can see all the faked footage in this video:

If they can fake certain elements of Sandy Hook, they can easily fake a mass shooting of Hillary Clinton supporters

I’m not saying the entire Sandy Hook scenario was faked, but it’s clear that many elements of it were staged by crisis actors. Remember, ABC, NBC, CNN, NYT, MSNBC, WashPost, LA Times and all the other mainstream media propaganda hubs receive their editorial marching orders each day from a common source. Every day, they are told exactly what to write, what to avoid covering and even exactly what words to use.

Here’s a simple example proving this point:

And here’s another hilarious example:

On command, the ENTIRE state-run media will “spontaneously” broadcast the exact same story, citing all the same “facts” by using the exact same words. It doesn’t take a genius to realize it’s all scripted in advance. The so-called “media” is nothing more than state propaganda. Now, more than ever, it’s obvious to any person who isn’t a mind-numbed zombie.

All-out panic inside the Clinton campaign: She’s about to lose… they must change the narrative

Now here’s the real kicker in all this: Inside the Clinton campaign, they know she’s about to lose the popular vote. Only in rigged polls is she really ahead. In the minds of everyday voters, Donald Trump is their preferred choice by a long shot, which is exactly why his rallies are so well attended by thousands of enthusiastic supporters.

Because Clinton is still behind in the real world, the same criminal-minded leftist operatives who staged the violence at Trump rallies are now poised to carry out a mass shooting that can be blamed on Trump supporters. That’s why the Washington Post and New York Times are pulling together their twisted, distorted stories right now: They’re colluding with Clinton campaign terrorists to make sure the timing on all this is perfectly coordinated.

If this false flag scenario is invoked, it’s all going to play out in the next two weeks. I have known for a long time that the establishment was planning a massive false flag attack on innocent Americans in order to change the course of this election. And now, with voting day drawing near, it’s a desperate situation for the democrats and the political establishment. To win the election, they must radically change the narrative… and U.S. history has proven that the only way they can achieve such an outcome is for leftists to carry out a massive false flag attack that spills a huge amount of blood into the streets of America.

All that’s required for them to carry out such acts of terrorism on U.S. soil is for the democrats to pay crazy people to open fire on Hillary-supporting crowds or plant a bomb in such a crowd. Boston Marathon. Sandy Hook. Twin Towers. Oklahoma City. What do all these have in common? Orchestration by the establishment in collusion with the media, followed by “crisis actors” sobbing on CNN. It’s all so pathetically predictable. Hunger Games, anyone?

How the establishment despises democracy and will use violence to stay in power

Right now, they are desperate to change the narrative and paint Donald Trump as a terrorist or murderer. Michael Moore has already launched into the labeling of Trump supporters as “terrorists,” setting the stage for the left’s deadly false flag attack, followed by the leftist media narrative to blame Trump.

Remember: Democrats despise democracy. They don’t trust voters to keep them in office, which is why they routinely resort to massive voter fraud to win elections. They don’t want open and free election coverage by the media, which is why they plant thousands of biased media stories to make sure their nominee gets portrayed as an angel while their opponent is made to look like a turd.

Democrats don’t trust democracy, either, which is why they oppose voter ID laws or the removal of dead people from voter rolls. In truth, the only way democrats ever get elected is by cheating, lying, staging and stealing elections. Usually these tactics don’t grab headlines because they’re all secretly carried out in the dark. But today, with the stakes so high in the Trump vs. Clinton election, left wing terrorists (coordinated by the Clintons at the top) are willing to do anything to seize power. This includes murdering a few hundred (or a few thousand) of their own supporters, if necessary, to capture it all on camera and blame Donald Trump.

Also remember: James Comey of the FBI is a Clinton operative, too, meaning the FBI may be in on this false flag operation from the get-go. (By the way, mid-level FBI agents are furious at Comey and largely agree he should be indicted for criminal collusion. By and large, the FBI isn’t staffed by evil people. Most of the agents there are decent professionals, and they do catch a lot of genuine bad guys. But at its highest level, the FBI is just as corrupt as the DOJ.)

Adolf Hitler used the same tactics, of course, with the Reichstag fire bombing, which has been widely accepted to be a false flag operation planned and carried out by the Nazis to blame their political enemies. From The Telegraph:

After poring over 50,000 pages of hitherto unexamined documents from former East German and Soviet archives, four leading German historians have now concluded that the fire was a Nazi plot. Marinus van der Lubbe, 24, a pro-Communist Dutch labourer, was beheaded by the Nazis after admitting that he started the blaze alone to encourage a workers’ uprising.

Have no illusions: Democrats will mass murder their own supporters to blame it on Trump and gun owners

It’s important that you understand just how far leftist will go to maintain political power. These are people who are, at every level, criminal masterminds who exist in a “terrorist” mindset every single day. They can’t wait to bomb buildings, execute police officers on the street, murder their political opponents or carry out false flag operations that achieve their political goals through mass bloodshed.

Don’t think for a minute they would not murder hundreds or thousands of their own supporters in order to defeat Donald Trump or call for a nationwide ban on firearms in the hands of citizens. This is precisely the kind of violence they can’t wait to unleash upon a society they hate in the first place. Remember: Leftists hate America. They hate the Constitution. They hate capitalism. They hate fetuses. And they especially hate the Second Amendment. In their minds, the more death, chaos and bloodshed they can cause and blame on their political opponents, the better. They celebrated the death of Antonin Scalia in the same way they would right now celebrate the murder of Trump himself if they could manage to kill him. Leftists feed off death and suffering. It’s how they stay in power, and it’s why they never want low-income people to achieve economic self-reliance.

In contrast, law-abiding gun owners abhor senseless violence. Should armed American citizens ever decide to march on Washington to overthrow a corrupt, criminal, totalitarian regime, it would only be as a very last resort, after trying every other means for a peaceful solution. Gun owners do not revel in the chance to wield such weapons against fellow human beings… they shudder at the very thought. They see the Second Amendment not as a license to commit mayhem, but as a sacred responsibility to defend democracy from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Rest assured that if any person opens fire on a crowd in the next two weeks, it’s going to be a Clinton operative carrying out a false flag attack, not a conservative gun owner who supports Trump.

By the way, the WashPost reporter who interviewed me seemed to be completely unaware that totalitarian leftist regimes have, throughout history, taken part in mass genocide against their own citizens. He seemed to react in disbelief that I could even ponder such a concept. It seems that knowledge of world history is not a requirement for being a political writer at the Washington Post… and that’s a shame, because knowledge of history would make it apparent to anyone just how corrupt and dangerous the Obama / Clinton regime has become for America. The Clintons are nothing new. They’re the same old corruption, deception and psychopathy just re-packaged in modern form.

The real danger to America is found squarely in the twisted minds of Clinton supporters

For the record — and yes, reporters may feel free to quote me on this word for word — there is no danger to the American public from gun-owning, Trump-supporting American patriots. Even if they all decided to march on Washington as a last resort to defend democracy, they would not be there to harm people but rather to liberate them!

Constitutional citizens are, by definition, law-abiding Americans. Most of us, including myself, have passed numerous FBI background checks and have been fingerprinted many times in order to carry concealed handgun licenses. For my history, I have absolutely no criminal record whatsoever… have never even been arrested nor charged with any crime ever. I am a responsible owner of high powered, long range tactical firearms, and I have a long history of urging peaceful, non-violent outcomes wherever possible. I would never call for violence nor carry out violence against another human being except in the most dire self-defense circumstances (i.e. if my life or safety were imminently threatened and I felt I had no other choice but to fight or die).

Yet I also realize, as do many millions of others, that there is a point in human history where the mass genocide being carried out by governments against their own people must be halted by all means necessary in order to save lives. In this, I’m referring to the Third Reich, Pol Pot, the Cultural Revolution, the tribal machete killings in various African nations, the genocidal murder of Native Americans, and so on. In each of these historical cases, there was a point where the citizens had the moral right to quite literally kill their oppressors as an act of self-defense and self-preservation. If you cannot understand this, you are not qualified to vote, quite frankly. It is a fundamental (and oft repeated) phenomenon of human history.

This does not mean to imply we are at the same point in America, because we are not… YET. But should Hillary Clinton seize the White House, America could very rapidly descend into a totalitarian nightmare where the only remaining option to defend democracy and protect the lives of the people is to halt the corrupt, lawless regime using whatever means of resistance the population may have remaining. The goal in such an action would be the restoration of democracy, the return of free and open elections, the indictment and prosecution of America’s traitors and the calling for new elections to restore a representative democracy.

None of us would tolerate a military dictatorship staying in power, even if such a structure were necessary to overthrow a lawless regime caught committing crimes against humanity. The vast majority of gun owners across America agree that the decentralization of power is the best protection against tyranny. Thus, even if a citizens’ revolt were to manage to overthrow some future tyrant in Washington, it would only be with the intention of restoring democracy as quickly as possible. Nobody wants power centralized in the hands of the few, regardless of the political party in power. (Bush was, in many ways, just as corrupt and criminal as Obama or Clinton, and it’s astonishing how today’s loudmouthed democrats have conveniently forgotten the Wikileaks disclosures on Bush, isn’t it?)

Armed citizens, in other words, do not seek power. They seek, on the contrary, to decentralize power and make sure the government answers to the People, not the other way around. Thus, any mainstream media reporter concerned what might happen if all this gets out of hand and things descend into open armed revolt should take some comfort in the simple fact that nobody is out to harm you. If anything, they hope to free your mind from the political enslavement under which you’ve been suffering.

You are not the enemy. You are, in essence, a captive of the enemy… a cognitive prisoner of war, even without your knowledge that you have been captured and turned to the dark side.

I’m happy to intelligently discuss these points with any reporter who genuinely wants to understand events that are unfolding today. Sadly, most of you are nothing but corporate prostitutes who regurgitate scripted lies for a corrupt state. Most of you are incredibly naive, poorly educated about reality, have no knowledge of history, are ridiculously ignorant of human psychology, have no understanding of political power and have no freedom to print the truth anyway. Thus, you are really not worth my time to try to educate. If you collect a paycheck from a globalist publisher, you are nothing more than a journo-slave living each day by lying to yourself about your own importance. In a decade or less, you’ll be replaced by AI and find yourself destitute and cast aside by the very system you have been foolishly working to protect.

false flag

By Mike Adams / Natural News, FALSE FLAG RED ALERT: Media plotting with Clinton operatives to gun down democrats and blame it on Trumpfalse flag

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