Feds Subpoena 20 Officers at Prison Where Jeffrey Epstein Died

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Feds subpoena 20 officers at prison where Jeffrey Epstein died

The feds subpoenaed at least 20 officers at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan where Jeffrey Epstein was found dead.

The correctional officers received the grand jury subpoenas as part of the DOJ’s investigation into the breakdown of prison policy that led to the death of the highest profile prisoner in the US system.

More subpoenas are likely to be issued, reported CNN.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: US Attorney General Bill Barr on Wednesday addressed Epstein’s case and the DOJ’s investigation into the financier’s death which was ruled to be a suicide by hanging by the NYC medical examiner.

“We have found serious irregularities at the center,” Barr said reiterating his previous statement on the failures of prison policy at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. “But at the same time I have seen nothing that undercuts the finding of the medical examiner that this was a suicide.”

66-year-old financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell two weekends ago on a Saturday morning.

Epstein had many broken bones in his neck, including his hyoid bone which is consistent with homicide by strangulation.

Since Epstein’s death, the public has learned about the many inconsistencies at the prison where he died.

The two guards who were supposed to be watching over his cell unit fell asleep and falsified the logs showing they were checking on Epstein every 30 minutes even though they weren’t.

There is no camera footage of Epstein’s ‘suicide’ because the security cameras only point to the hallway outside of his prison cell, not directly inside of the unit.

Epstein was also forced to share a cell with Nick Tartaglione, a muscular killer cop who was awaiting trial on charges of a quadruple homicide.

Tartaglione is receiving threats from prison guards to “shut up” and “stop talking” about Epstein according to his lawyers.


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