Covid Vaccines Are Officially Deadliest Drug In History and Nobody Is Allowed to Talk About It

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The Pfizer Covid-19 mRNA vaccine is now officially the most deadly drug in the history of Western medicine, killing and injuring hundreds of millions of people, with new cases emerging every single day as the fallout from the rollout continues to blow out exponentially.

The Pfizer Covid-19 mRNA vaccine is now officially the most deadly drug in the history of Western medicine, killing and injuring hundreds of millions of people, with new cases emerging every single day as the fallout from the rollout continues to blow out exponentially.

But don’t take my word from it. The data that proves Covid vaccines are the deadliest drug in the long history of Western medicine is taken from Pfizer’s own documents. That’s right – Pfizer have released documents admitting the unprecedented carnage caused by their product.

While previous deadly drugs caused a scandal in their day – think of Thalidomide, for instance – nobody is allowed to talk about the fact experimental mRNA vaccines have killed an extraordinary number of people.

The cover up is extraordinary and it continues to this day with Bill Gates recently boasting of a new range of mRNA vaccines for every conceivable ailment.

This evil plot against humanity has been in the works for years, and those who know the truth have a duty to expose it to as many people as possible.

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Bill Gates is still on what appears to be his never-ending quest to inject the global human population with as many mRNA “vaccines” as possible.

The Covid pandemic may be old news at the World Economic Forum, but that hasn’t stopped the billionaire eugenicist from peddling his new experimental vaccinations at this years meeting in Davos.

He told his fellow globalists: “We will have new vaccines. We’ll have a TB vaccine, malaria vaccine, HIV vaccine” and even new COVID-19 vaccines.

The question that immediately springs to mind is this: will the new HIV “vaccine” be helpful for those who get VAIDS from other Gates “vaccines”?

Remember, Gates developed a “vaccine” to protect against vaccine-induced polio. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this sociopath and vaccines, then nothing will.

While Gates continues pushing his deadly products on the world and treating the human population as guinea pigs, we need to continue exposing the truth about his psychopathic agenda.

Take the Covid mRNA vaccine roll out which he orchestrated in his role as unelected world health czar.

Everyone involved in this genocide – from Gates to Anthony Fauci to the Big Pharma bosses including Stephan Bancel – need to face justice for this historical atrocity in the form of crimes against humanity charges.

If you think this language is too strong – wait until you see Pfizer’s own data that puts the scale of the genocide into context against other genocides from the past.

This is the deadliest drug ever rolled out in human history by Pfizer’s own legally mandated 90-day post-rollout document known as Pfizer 5.3.6.

Dropped on April Fools Day 2022 after being ordered by a federal judge, this Pfizer document is available to everybody – but of course the mainstream media has done everything they can to suppress knowledge about what it contains.

This is the same document in the video above. The page shown in the video proves Pfizer’s experimental mRNA vaccine is not only the deadliest drug ever rolled out in human history, it is also by far and away the most injurious drug.

You can see an injure-to-kill ratio in the video above. 33.4 to 1. For every death, more than 33 people have been injured by the vaccine. Remember this is Pfizer’s own data.

It is important to look at the historical perspective of this medical disaster.

In the first column we look at Oppenheimer at what he did in New Mexico with the atomic weapon. It was deployed in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 about 3 days apart. There were about 94,000 injured and 105, 000 killed for an injure-to-kill ratio of approximately 0.9.

We look at the middle column – Thalidomide. Pre-Covid, Thalidomide was the deadliest drug in the history of medicine. The mere mention of the world sends shivers down people’s spines. Yet compared to the mRNA vaccines, Thalidomide was nothing. There were 20,000 injuries and 80,000 deaths for an injure-to-kill ratio of 0.25.

Now fast forward to 2021. Fast forward to Pfizer and Albert Bourla and Moderna and Stephane Bancel. They have killed 17 million global citizens. 17 million. And these are just the ones they have admitted to. In reality, the numbers are far, far higher. But we are working with official Pfizer documents and numbers here and they have admitted to 17 million.

Now, remember this drug is not only the most deadly in world history, it is by far and away the most injurious. So how do we work out the official Pfizer-admitted number of global injuries caused by their mRNA vaccine?

Easy. The injure-to-kill ratio is 33.4 to 1. Multiply 33.4 by 17 million, the number of official dead, and that makes 567 million global citizens have been injured for a total of 585 million global citizens killed and injured.

Placing these numbers into a historical context makes it clear that the elites responsible including Gates, Fauci, Bourla and Bancel must face justice in the form of crimes against humanity trials.

Pfizer have admitted to millions, but a disturbing new analysis has revealed that the globalist elite have already murdered one billion people in cold blood since the Covid plandemic was unleashed on an unsuspecting world in January 2020.

For years now the globalist elite have been telling us about their plans to depopulate the Earth from 8 billion people to just 500 million, but most people have preferred to put their head in the sand.

Unfortunately for the sheeple, the days of being able to pretend everything is OK are over.

According to the official statistics, there were 7.84 billion people on Earth in January 2020. The United Nations reported that the global population eclipsed the 8 billion mark in November 2022. As we speak, Worldometer has the current global population at 8.028 billion.

Officially, there have been 40 million births and 20 million deaths, for a net population growth of 20 million thus far in 2023, according to the same source.

But the only people who believe any of those official statistics also believe that men require sanitary products in bathrooms, pedophilia is love, and vaccines are safe and effective.

So what is really going on here? Let’s look at the facts.

Most countries reported record excess deaths and record-low births in the last few years

Governments are in the business of lying, particularly about crime and population statistics to fit agendas. But do they really expect us to believe the world population is still surging ahead, hitting record highs, despite the fact that almost every country on earth is reporting record deaths and record-low births?

We’ll never know the real numbers as to excess deaths across the globe due to the injections (until naked eye observations start speaking for themselves). But here is a list of countries that reported record-high excess deaths and record-low births in 2021 and 2022:

  • Japan: 1.58 million deaths in 2022 – the most since World War II
  • New Zealand: reported a huge number of excess deaths in 2022 – the most since the First World War in 1918
  • Australia: record-low births and record-high deaths in 2021
  • U.K.: utilizing temporary morgues across the country due to “sharp rise in excess deaths“
  • Netherlands: more deaths than births in 2022 – the first time that’s happened since the year 1900
  • Germany: virtually zero excess deaths in 2020, then the numbers skyrocketed off the charts in 2021
  • Nova Scotia (Canada): reported “unexpectedly high number of people are dying”.

That’s just a small sample. Norway, Italy and Japan all experienced record-low births and record-high deaths in 2022. In other words, a lot of people are dying and few are being born.

We’re not going to bother with the United States because the Biden government blatantly lies about everything. But if we go by the Harvard Pilgrim standard of multiplying VAERS vaccine deaths by 100 for a more accurate overall picture, then at least 3.5 million Americans have died from the injections since 2021. That’s 125,000 excess deaths per month.

Then there is the naked eye test.

Athletes have been dropping like flies in unprecedented numbers with heart problems since 2021.

U.S. public schools have experienced record declines in enrollment since 2020.

The 2022 World Cup was expecting 1.2 million visitors to Qatar for the month-long tournament. Less than 800,000 fans showed up, while several journalists covering the event collapsed and died.

The same thing is happening at the Australian Open tennis tournament right now. A fully vaccinated and boosted sports journalist who tried to shame world number one Novak Djokavic into getting the vaccine just keeled over and died suddenly.

There can only be so many coincidences. Regardless, the globalist elite want you to believe that the world’s population increased from 7.8 billion in January 2020 to 8.028 billion today despite nearly all countries reporting record excess deaths and record-low births in that time period.

They really have no problem insulting people’s intelligence to ensure their narrative (“the population is growing and needs to be reduced”) remains consistent.

George Orwell warned us about about these times. He said they would convince us that war is peace. Freedom is slavery. And ignorance is strength. How right he was.

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