United Nations: Israel Have Murdered 40 Palestinians In 3 Weeks

Fact checked
United Nations report confirms 40 Palestinians were killed and thousands more injured because of Israeli aggression at Gaza border

Forty Palestinians have been murdered and 5,511 seriously injured due to extreme Israeli aggression along the Gaza Strip, the UN has warned. 

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, since the mass protests on March 30, Israeli authorities have resorted to illegal acts of violence to keep the protestors at bay.

Haaretz.com reports: Of the injured, 2,596 people were hospitalized in government hospitals, 773 in nongovernment hospitals and the rest were treated in the field. Of those in government hospitals, 1,499 were hit by live ammunition, 107 by sponge-tipped bullets, 408 suffered gas inhalation and 582 suffered other injuries; 2,142 were adults and 454 were minors.

“Gaza’s health sector is struggling to cope with the mass influx of casualties, due to years of blockade, internal divide and a chronic energy crisis, which have left essential services in Gaza barely able to function,” stated the report.

The information is based on figures from the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza and OCHA says the data is a preliminary snapshot only and further information is pending.

On Wednesday, the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza reported the death of Ahmed Abu Hassin, a press photographer who was shot two weeks ago during the protests.

The protests will continue even after May 15, the day the Palestinians mark the Nakba (Catastrophe) – the founding of Israel – said Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the Hamas political bureau, on Wednesday. “The Palestinian people will demonstrate throughout Ramadan to deal with the many challenges facing us, and first of all the peace plan promoted by U.S. President Donald Trump, called the ‘Deal of the Century,’” said Haniyeh.


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    • Biggest obstacle seems to be in getting people to think that a holocaust (which pales in comparison to some other mass murder events, not including the most famous democidal events – war, why shouldn’t ukrainians or armenians (by proportion they lost about 75-80%?) get to push everyone else out of politics, special speech laws, so on?) doesn’t and shouldn’t trump a peoples own rights to govern themselves.

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