US Fighter Jet ‘Accidentally’ Drops Bombs On Michigan

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US Fighter Jet ‘Accidentally’ Drops Bombs On Michigan

A US military aircraft “accidentally” dropped a number of training bombs and a missile over the state of Michigan.

According to 0fficials, a mechanical failure is believed to have caused the release of six training bombs and a training missile from a military plane over Michigan’s northern Lower Peninsula.

The website reported that the incident happened on October 25, when aircraft belonging to the Air National Guard, took off from Selfridge Base near Detroit and lost the bombs on its way to the Camp Grayling training center.

Press TV reports:

The munitions, including six bombs and a missile, were later found in a wooded area near Luzerne. Nobody was injured, according to officials.

Military officials blamed the incident on a mechanical failure. No more details were disclosed in this regard.

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Trumble, director of the Camp Grayling Air Gunnery Range, downplayed the incident, saying such mishaps were “rare.”

According to the Michigan Air National Guard, the missile was non-explosive and did not pose any threats.

It was not clear if the bombs were operational. The force only said that it was able to locate them by activating a smoke mechanism that allows pilots to track the bombs when they fall.

Air tanker loses boom during training

In another accident involving military aircraft, a US Air Force KC-10 Extender air tanker lost its refueling boom during an exercise over the state of Idaho on Tuesday.

The aircraft, which belonged to the 60th Air Mobility Wing based at Travis Air Force Base, California, made an emergency landing after the mishap. Nobody was injured in that incident either.

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