US knows where oil that ISIS sells ends up: Activist

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US knows where oil that ISIS sells ends up: Activist

The United States knows where the oil that ISIS sells ends up says activist Don DeBar during an interview with Press TV

Press TV reports:-‘It is not exactly clear who controls the oil fields that are outside of the government control in Syria and Iraq, “but it is not easy to hide an oil tanker in the ocean from satellites that can read license plates on the ground,” he said.

The American TV host said giant companies, mostly active in the energy sector, are the ones that shape the US foreign policies.

“The United States’ foreign policy is driven by multi-national corporations and paramount among those in terms of actual industrial production are energy companies or really the more specifically oil companies,” said the activist.

“The United States knows where the oil is going. Somebody that the oil companies here allow the US the permit is getting the oil,” DeBar noted.

DeBar made his remarks just after US State Department official Julieta Valis Noyes revealed that Washington was considering attacks against Syria’s oil pipelines.


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