US Reluctantly Ask Russia For Help In Fight Against ISIS

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Obama asks for Putin's help and cooperation in the fight against ISIS in Syria

The U.S. have approached Russia to ask for “cooperation” in dealing with ISIS, in a tepid acknowledgement of Moscow’s leading role in resolving the situation in the Middle East. reports:

According to US State Department spokesman John Kirby, if Russia wants to play a constructive role in dealing with the Islamic State, the United States is ready for such a conversation, although the sides have not come to the point when this partnership could be possible.

In fact, the USA’s approach to Russia’s actions in Syria has not changed. Washington is still ready to see Moscow as a partner to achieve the so-called “political transition” – i.e. a regime change in Damascus.

Yet, the US is not ready to cooperate with Russia to struggle against the Islamic State terrorist group.

Nevertheless, it is Russia that plays the leading role in resolving the situation in the Middle East.

Air operations in Syria make Russia a key player in the Middle East, ousting the United States from the position.


  1. Now you know why Putins laughing rite?
    Because obama is bin lardin.
    But America is so under the influence of mind control most can see it!

  2. Every civilised country need to band together to fight these marauding heathen savages.

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