US School District Closed: 81% of Teachers Call In Sick On Heels of History Class Fight

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COLORADO:  There is no school on Monday for students at Golden High School and Jefferson High School in Edgewater.  Most of the teachers have called in sick.  Officials with Jeffco Schools aren’t saying much more about why nearly 81 percent of teachers said they can’t do their jobs Monday.

The sick out comes after more than a week and a half of students walking out of class and teachers calling in sick.  Teachers have been upset about a proposal that staggers how much they get for a raise depending on how their students perform.

Parents have told CBS4 in the past they are concerned this could drive out good teachers from the county.  Another big issue is that students are fired up about a proposal that encourages a committee be formed to review coursework and ensure that an AP history class’ material essentially promote patriotism and not condone civil disobedience. Students have called that censorship.

The school board has previously denied that the proposal amounts to censorship.  The Jefferson County School District is the second largest in the state.  The next school board meeting is scheduled for this Thursday. The AP history class proposal is not on the agenda.




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