US Women Now Facing A Shortage Of Sanitary Products

Fact checked

Women in the US are now experiencing an acute shortage of sanitary products in the latest supply chain break down under Joe Biden.

Already faced with having to wait for baby formula to be shipped in from the UK and Europe, women are now struggling to find tampons.

It must be Russia’s fault!

Summit News reports: Insider reports that “The war in Ukraine has also affected supplies of plastics and absorbency materials used to manufacture products, and fertilizer needed to grow cotton.

Ok, it’s Ukraine again is it? Right.

According to Nielsen IQ, the average cost of a box of tampons has ballooned by 10%, and retailers are now jacking up prices owing to shortages.

New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan addressed the issue Monday, writing to the CEO of Procter & Gamble, calling the situation “very troubling.” and urging the manufacturer to deal with the situation.

Meanwhile, NPR has been relentlessly mocked for describing the tampon shortage as a problem for ‘people who menstruate’.


  1. Expected, and I doubt any US diplomacy can help them while fighting under another flag, sadly.

    That’s great news actually but that rag you post on insinuate that only few Anglo-American mercs have been exterminated in Ukraine. There are hundreds dead just from Kalibr missile strikes. @CTKII:disqus

    POWs not mercenaries, Russia would be really stupid not to honor the distinction.

    They better be mercs for your sake. Pentagon will never admit having troops in Ukraine because they aren’t stupid to start a war with Russia. @disqus_FRDcLpFhS1:disqus

    • Not as good news as the tens of thousands of dead RU soldiers though. And don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that you read “that rag,” Ivan.

      • Where did you get that ‘news’? From Ghost of Kyav or Brandon ‘media’?
        Russians do have casualties but it’s 1:400 ratio. Artillery, tanks and misslies against ammo-starved and fuel-starved ‘army’ is no-brainier. Due to that, Ukrainian boys are surrendering on mass and that makes me happy. Unlike your mercs, they will get back to their families.

          • Nothing for me to figure out. I’ve seen burned corpses of your ‘instructors’ in Donbass and Azov actually tossed one of your mercs in a trash bin after torturing him. Even Azov nazies think your mercs are trash. LOL

          • Nice. Tell me about Russian glory obtained by killing civilians and looting residences. Chickenshit stuff, really, and I have to admit, you guys retreat better than any other military.

          • You mean liberating civilians from cowardly terrorists who hold them as hostage? Your mercs hide behind civilians better than anyone in the world. Speaking of chickenshits, why does your ‘glorious’ military hide behind European vassals? Why don’t you invade Russia from Alaska?

          • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Man, your posts reads like Pravda or RT. Literally meets the threshold for “Russian stereotype.”
            Why would we want Russia? There have never been any plans to invade Russia. We knew it was a demoralized shithole since the beginning of the Cold War, it seems.
            Thanks for confirming my bias, and you have a nice day.

  2. That’s hardly Putin’s style. Keeping them in some Siberian hellhole is
    more like it. While trying to use them as bargaining chips to exchange
    for Russian prisoners of war

    I doubt it. Putin isn’t in Ukraine. And even if there were direct orders from Kremlin to keep that filth alive, they will end up having an ‘unfortunate’ accident by falling on a rusty knife. Your mercs in Ukraine are fertilizer. Don’t expect to get flag-wrapped corpses back. I feel sorry for their families but I’m glad they are dead. @raynehell:disqus

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