Venezuelan President Slams The West For Trying To ‘Dismember’ Russia

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President Nicolas Maduro has accused the West of trying to “destroy” Russia amid sweeping sanctions on Moscow because of its military campaign in Ukraine.

Venezuela has been living under major US sanctions since 2019.

In a televised speech on Friday Maduro said: They are lining up, economically, politically, and diplomatically (in the West) for a big war against Russia. From Venezuela, we denounce it”

He added “They want a war to dismember Russia, destroy it in pieces and end the hope of a multipolar world where we can all live.”

RT reports: The South American country condemned Thursday’s vote in the UN General Assembly to suspend Russia from the global organization’s Human Rights Council. Venezuelan

Foreign Minister Felix Plasencia said the move “destroys bridges” necessary for dialogue and “seriously threatens security, order and global peace.”

The US imposed several rounds of sanctions on Venezuela, hitting its oil industry, among other things. Washington has openly supported Maduro’s political opponent, Juan Guaido, while Maduro accused the West of trying to oust him from power.

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  1. They know they can’t beat Russia in a fair fight with any military integrity so they’re bribing China Japan Europe etc with huge chunks of Russian territory if they fight dirty.

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