Video: Britney Spears Illuminati MK-Ultra Mind Control Victim EXPOSED

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From the lengthy article on Vigilant Citizen:

Britney Spears is the prototype of the modern pop star: young, beautiful, controversial and completely manipulated by the entertainment industry. She has been literally groomed since childhood by industry execs to become a pop star. From working in Broadway at 8 years old and the Mickey Mouse Club at 12 to becoming a world-renowned pop star at 17, Britney is a true “showbiz child”. Today, most agree that she has reached the status of pop icon. Rolling Stone magazine wrote that Britney is “one of the most controversial and successful female vocalists of the 21st century,” and “spearheaded the rise of post-millennial teen pop”.

Despite her seven hit albums and her iconic status, most will remember Britney Spears not for her music, but for the drama surrounding her personal life. She was indeed involved in a long list of controversies and rumors regarding her love life, her pasty, her drug use, her mental stability and even her parenting skills. While some believe that Britney deserves this public ridicule due to the fact she’s a “talentless hack” or “trailer trash” living a decadent lifestyle, others see in Britney the classic symptoms of a young performer who went through the devastating mind control machine of the entertainment industry. Britney indeed bears many classic symptoms of a Monarch programming victim. Further, the video of Hold it Against Me contains many visual clues that hint at Britney’s mental prison. We will first look at some significant events in Britney’s life and how they are related to trauma-based mind control, then we’ll look at the occult meaning of the video Hold it Against Me.

Raised in the Illuminati Entertainment Industry

Although it is difficult to determine which celebrities have actually undergone trauma-based mind control programming, Britney Spears displays the most obvious symptoms. She grew up in rural Louisiana in a family plagued with substance abuse and violence, making her an ideal candidate to be handed over to the industry. At age eight, Britney and her mother Lynne travelled to Atlanta for an audition in the 1990’s revival of The Mickey Mouse Club. Casting director Matt Cassella rejected her due to her young age, but still referred her to their talent agent Nancy Carson. Britney was then introduced to what Springmeier calls “The Network”. She then moved with her mother to New York and attended the Professional Performing Arts School. Soon after, she landed a job as an understudy in the Broadway musical Ruthless! with other industry child Natalie Portman.

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