Video: Futurist Says Humans Evolving Into A New Species

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Even though evolution can take thousands of years to occur, it appears that humans are already amidst a change within the species.

Human evolution is a long and complex process from our apelike ancestors to the species we are today. Some scientists suggest that not only are we still evolving, but we are also slowing becoming a new species.

Juan Enriquez, who was the founding director of the Harvard Business School Life Sciences Project, believes just such an evolution is underway.

Instead of Homo sapiens, humans will evolve to become what Enriquez has coined as Homo Evolutis.

He believes the brain is already changing, because of the enormous amount of information in the world being absorbed and the organ’s unique structure.

Even the mildest changes can affect a species, but humans have experienced multiple changes in the last century and a half, which vary from technological advances to our diets.

Today we humans are living longer and growing taller than our ancestors.

According to Cadell Last, an evolutionary anthropologist, humans will probably reproduce even later in life. This, along with having fewer children could lead to a species of humans more focused on knowledge and cultural reproduction rather than biological reproduction.

Instead of living fast and dying young, humans are more likely to live slowly and die old.

The world we currently live in is an exciting place, with technology constantly changing, and in order for humans to keep up, we have no choice but to quickly evolve with it.


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