Video: Massive Squid Appears On New Zealand Beach

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Monster squids and octopi are usually associated with legends and myth.  Or are they?  Recently, a mammoth squid washed ashore on a New Zealand beach.

GeoBeats News reports:

The stories about massive squids that swallow ships whole may be exaggerated, but the aquatic beasts really can grow to be quite immense.
A particularly large one recently washed up on a beach in New Zealand.
People at the Kaikoura Marine Centre and Aquarium posted images of the find on Facebook and also shared some of its stats.
The mantle alone comes in at approximately 6 and a half feet and has eyes that measure about 7 inches across.
Tentacle lengths vary, but the longest one is roughly 16 feet long.
In a photo showing a man reclining beside it, the squid far surpasses the size of the human and it’s not even fully extended.
For the time being, the animal has been frozen and is on display at the aquarium for all to see.
Plans are to take samples of it and send them to area universities for further study.
What is known about it at this time is that it showed up on the beach some time between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.
When it did, it took quite a few people by surprise.

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