Video: Rare Medical Condition Leaves Woman Unable To Eat

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There are things we do in our everyday lives that we take for granted. A 19-year-old woman in New Jersey knows what it’s like to no longer fulfill a very basic need.

Sara Gebert is unable to eat due to a rare medical condition. Sara lives with something called Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, which means every time a sufferer eats food, the intestines automatically react as if the nourishment is an actual intestinal blockage.

In Sara’s case, she was vomiting up to 60 times per day prior to receiving a diagnosis. Now she is administered nutrients via an IV tube overnight.

She has to drain her own stomach into a bag regularly as her body isn’t able to contain the digestive contents. The condition is, at this point, incurable.

Since her diagnosis, Sara has lost 30 pounds and was forced to drop out of college to focus on her health. Despite all the setbacks though, she remains strong and hopeful.

She and her friends have started a non-profit organization called Sara’s Army. Their goal is to raise awareness for the condition and funds for Sara’s treatments.

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