Video: This Rare Black Rose Can Only Be Found in Turkey

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The Turkish Halfeti Rose only grows in exceptionally small numbers in the village of Halfeti, Turkey.

Red roses are probably the most cliched romantic gift ever. Have you ever considered a black rose?

There aren’t too many females who will deny the extremely rare Turkish rose makes an exotic gift, even if it will die after a week or so. The roses appear to be completely black, with the signature green stem.

Called the Turkish Halfeti Rose, they only grow in exceptionally small numbers in the village of Halfeti, Turkey. They won’t flourish anywhere else in the entire world because it’s the river Euphrates that provides the ideal soil and growing conditions for the rose.

Those perfect natural circumstances are due to the pH levels of groundwater in the local area. Adding to the undeniably cool effect of the rose, the black color is only visible during the summer months. In every other season the roses are an exceptionally deep crimson red tint.

Although the rose is unique, the Turks associate it both with passion as well as death and foreboding, perhaps due to the insanely dark color.

What do you think about the black rose?

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