Vaccine Truth Advocate Dr Suzanne Humphries Receives Death Threats

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Well known advocate for vaccine truth, Dr. Suzanne Humphries has received a death threat in an e-mail message on the night of January 18th, 2018.

The e-mail contained detailed references to murder and a mass shooting at a public autism event.

According to Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News, Dr Humphries has since received a second and even more graphic threat

Though Dr Humphries has filed reports with both the police and FBI, law enforcement don’t seem to be taking the murder threat all that seriously.

Natural news reports: On January 18, 2018, Dr. Humphries reportedly received an email from an incognito lunatic who threatened to kill her. This alleged individual stated that he or she very soon plans to “murder” Dr. Humphries with a Desert Eagle handgun. The threat contains a barrage of vulgarities and other vile language that’s clearly intended to scare Dr. Humphries into stopping her work.

A recent video published on We Are Vaxxed‘s Facebook page shows Dr. Humphries and her friend, Polly Tommey, discussing the threat. They can be seen reading a censored version aloud as they ask for prayers from their many followers.

In a private letter to‘s Jeffry John Aufderheide, Dr. Humphries offered gratitude to her allies, many of whom have been interceding in prayer on her behalf. She wrote:

“Dr Suz and Polly want you to know that we read and appreciate every scripture and prayer you have sent. We appreciate all the Godly and conventional support and advice we have been given. The enemy hates prayer more than anything. Prayer is stronger than the hatred of our enemies, and more powerful than the FBI, CIA, police, private detectives, all of which have been activated as well. Our minds are set on God, fearlessly, in faith, and we carry on.”

The letter in its entirety is so horrific and vile that we won’t republish the whole thing here. But some important snippets worth mentioning include:

• An admission that the perpetrator knows where Dr. Humphries lives, and wants to make her death as gruesome as possible.

• An admission that the perpetrator plans to emerge from a crowd of people in the street and “blast” Dr. Humphries in the chest.

• A desire by the perpetrator to see Dr. Humphries on the ground “flailing” and “bleeding out.”

• A promise by the perpetrator that he or she fully intends to achieve this goal by whatever means possible.

• A claim by the perpetrator that Dr. Humphries’ eventual death at his or her hands could have been avoided if Dr. Humphries had simply stopped telling the truth about vaccines.

Are drug and vaccine companies behind this evil threat?

Who could possibly say such things – and fully intend to go through with them? Dr. Humphries’ labor of love in helping more parents see the light about the inherent dangers of vaccination has been a Godsend for many – but a nightmare for the vaccine industry.

That’s why some suspect that this heinous threat may actually be the work of Big Pharma corporate hacks. An email written by a corporate executive at drug giant Merck & Co. openly admits that “we may need to seek them out and destroy them [doctors] where they live,” referring to people like Dr. Humphries whose work is clearly bad for business.

Keep in mind that, as of November 15, 2017, at least 77 holistic doctors have turned up dead on suspicious grounds. Many worry that Dr. Humphries might just be the latest in this string of “hits” – though these same many are praying for her protection.

“Covert corporate programs like these are likely still in existence,” writes Aufderheide, referring to the multi-million dollar campaigns put on by Big Pharma to keep its propaganda tools from being disrupted. “Naturally, [Dr. Humphries’] efforts questioning vaccine safety would put her in the cross-hairs of such a program.”



  1. It is my belief the pharmaceuticals are behind these threats, making it look like some nutter is involved ,a clever ruse.Just a few days Justin Beiber came out saying hoe dangerous vaccines are ,big pharma has their under belly exposed,people now know that they are deliberately poisoning young people ,to make them ill for the rest of their lives ensuring that pharma s profits will always be there

  2. Not sure if Big Pharma just wants the money from selling drugs or if they want to hurt you with shots & drugs. Many times doctors write out prescriptions & patients don’t fill them. Other times patients fill them, but then decide they don’t want to take those drugs so it goes unused. Which benefits the Big Pharma more? Buying, but not using or not filling prescription, so not buying?

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    • “…wants the money from selling drugs or if they want to hurt you with shots & drugs.”
      They are not mutually exclusive.

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