Germany Warns Of Coming Mini Ice Age

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German scientists warn of miniature ice-age

Solar physicists from Germany have issued a warning that Europe is about to enter a mini ice age in the next few years. 

Scientists at the ultra-warmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)  say that the current solar minimum suggests the continent is about to suffer a miniature ice-age. reports:

The Berliner Kurier writes:

“That’s the conclusion that solar physicists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research reached when looking at solar activity.”

For an institute that over the past 20 years has steadfastly insisted that man has been almost the sole factor in climate change over the past century and that the sun no longer plays a role, this is quite remarkable.

The Berliner Kurier reports that the PIK scientists foresee a weakening of the sun’s activity over the coming years.

“That means that conversely it is going to get colder. The scientists are speaking of a little ice age.”

According to the PIK scientists, the reduced solar activity will, however, not be able to stop the global warming and only brake the warming up to 2100 by 0.3°C.

Given the extreme warnings of warming and sea level rise put out by the Potsdam Institute in the past, this still represents an extraordinary admission, one that has us suspecting a major climate turnaround may be ahead – despite all the efforts by the Potsdam Institute to play it all down. Here we see them possibly setting up a global warming postponement of a couple of decades. The sun plays a role after all.

The source of the Berliner Kurier report is the Austrian weather site The site writes that some solar physicists suspect the current solar inactivity may be “the start of a new grand minimum” like the one the planet saw in the 17th century and left Europe in an ice box.

Dozens of studies show Little Ice Age was global!

Though most scientists agree that the Little Ice Age took place, many dispute its extent. Some insist it was localized over the North Atlantic region. But now there are dozens of studies that show it was in fact a global event. That should make us worry.

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  1. Dan Britt, who was a gelology Graduate Assistant at the time of the reaiding of the Greenland ice core samples and helped run the samples through the stectrometer/spectrograph 3 times – due to the erratic readings – and later to become a Ph.D. in astronomy says that “we are comong out of a warming period in a general cooling period” and says that all other factors in climate change (El Nina, El Nino, volcanic activity, et al, are all fuzziness when compared to solar angle and absorption of solar radiation. Carbon dioxide and methan are keeping the temperature from actually falling at present…my own personal opinion is that sooner or later, the temperature will reach a point to when the amount of methane and carbon dioxide cannot keep the Earth from cooling (kind of like a rubber band effect, when you overstretch the rubber band and it snaps!) and the predicted colling or mini-ice age will be upon us!

    Millionaires are buying up desert in Arizona and New Mexico, knowing that this land will eventually be the new breadbacket of America, and China is buying up ANYTHING THEY CAN FIND TO BUY in Central American and Africa from the teh equator to the ahara Desert, whihc has had in the last few years more rain than the last FEW HINDREDS OF YEARS combined.

    Planting is taking 1 to 1.5 weeks later each and every year in the northern United States; pretty soon, MIssouri farmers will only be able to grow what was being grown in Minnesota or Wisconson…cutting farm output, and food on teh grocery shelves, more every year!

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