Video: Turkish Border Guards Have Friendly Conversation With ISIS

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Turkish border guards are caught having a very friendly chat with ISIS militants

A video has surfaced that shows ISIS militants having a very friendly chit-chat with Turkish border guards. 

The video was apparently filmed in October, and shows two jihadists lighting fires near a group of cars, which were abandoned by Kurdish families who fled Kobane when ISIS attacked their city. reports:

After appearing to realise they are being filmed from inside Turkey, the pair start walking towards the border fence, stopping only to mockingly wave at the amateur filmmaker.

As they reach the border fence, an armoured military vehicle belonging to Turkish border guards speeds up to meet them. Heavily armed officials jump out the back of the car and – after briefly talking on their radios, simply engage the men in conversation.

At one point the situation appears tense and a border guard scampers towards the militants with his gun briefly raised, but he stops seconds later and also begins talking to the men.

After several minutes chatting, the militants wander off, defiantly raising their index finger to the sky to represent jihadism while chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ – a phrase that translates as ‘God is the greatest’.

Turkey, in a terrorist nutshell.

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