Video: UK Man Fails Breathalyzer Test At McDonalds, Refused Entry

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We reported a few months ago on how certain McDonald’s restaurants in the UK would be using breathalyzer tests to allow or deny entry into their restaurants.  Well, now news is spreading of a man denied entry because of a failure.  The question many ask is: where is the line drawn?  He was trying to get food, he wasn’t operating a vehicle.

GeoBeats News reports:

Certain venues in the U.K. area of Cambridge, including McDonald’s, are participating in a police pilot program that supplies them with breathalyzer kits to test people’s level of drunkenness and possibly refuse entry to them.

For many people, McDonald’s is the perfect fix after a night of drinking, but in one town in the U.K., it could prevent people from even entering the restaurant.

In fact, one man was turned away at 2 am after failing a breathalyzer test.

It’s part of a recent pilot program implemented by the Cambridge police department whereby certain businesses have been given breathalyzer kits to determine if a person is too drunk to enter.

According to police, the test will not be mandatory, but instead be would a tool for employees to refuse entry to people who are behaving belligerently because they’re drunk.

The man who was denied entry into the McDonald’s was apparently stopped by the guards because of the way he was acting. After he blew more than three times the legal limit for driving, he was not allowed in.

The program began in March as an effort to reduce binge drinking and alcohol-related crimes.

Similar trials around the country have been relatively successful, with about a one-third reduction in the number of reported disturbances at those locations.

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  1. First of all with all the strange so-called meat in mc ds who knows what your eating anyway! 2ndly Their is nothing healthy in any of their food. When you look at a Big-Mac that is over 15 years old and almost still looks edible….comeon what does that tell u. It has been over 12 years since i ate mcpuke burgers, and i say it that way because when i ate that big-mac, which btw is more like a little-mac i felt sick after words. So eating thier is bad enough let alone being treated that way in the UK . , but now too discuss the story . Why pay huge prices for crap anyway?, and even if it was worth it , (as far as the food is concerned ), why in the hell would you be tollerant of being treated like that!!As far as im concerned go too a local restaurant and order one of their special hamburgers with cheese, onion,pickles, tomato, real hamburger, not the mystery meat in a mc d sandwich, and some nice whole grain buns with ketchup ,. mustard, miracle whip, then finally finish off that good meal with some real fries Yum yum bon appetite 🙂

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