Weather Channel Founder Blasts CNN Over Global Warming Hoax

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Weather channel founder blasts CNN over fake news on global warming

Weather Channel founder John Coleman blasted CNN for promoting false claims that global warming is man-made.

Speaking to CNN’s Brian Stelter regarding climate change, Coleman said that the left are to blame for politicizing climate science in order to further their own agenda.

The transcript of the video is below:

Coleman: “I resent you calling me a denier, that is a word meant to put me down. I’m a skeptic about climate change and I want to make it darn clear that Mr. Kennedy is not scientist, I am. He’s the CEO of the Weather Channel now, I was the founder of the Weather Channel, not the co-founder.”

Stelter: “And I’m glad you did, because I am addicted to the Weather Channel, I watch a lot of cable–”

Coleman: “Stop talking now, hold on just a minute, I’m not done . . . and, CNN has taken a very strong position on global warming that it is a consensus, well there is no consensus in science. Science isn’t a vote, science is about facts and if you get down to the hard, cold facts, there is no question about it. Climate change is not happening, there is no significant manmade global warming now, there hasn’t been any in the past, and there’s no reason to expect any in the future, there’s a whole lot of bologna, and yes, it has become a big political point of the Democratic Party and part of their platform and I regret it’s become political instead of scientific, but the science is on my side.”

Stelter: “I don’t think we’re gonna come to a conclusion about the topic right here–”

Coleman: “Well, I know we’re not because you wouldn’t allow it to happen on CNN, but I’m happy that I got on the air and got a chance to talk to your viewers . . . Hello, everybody . . . There is no global warming.”

Stelter: “What I do wonder is when you see the government, when you see NASA, when you see other institutions say that 97% of climate scientists agree, do you think they’re making it up? What I don’t understand is how you square that.”

Coleman: “Well, that’s a manipulated figure and let me explain it to you. The government puts out about two-and-a-half billion dollars directly for climate research every year, it only gives that money to scientists who will produce scientific results that support the global warming hypothesis of the Democratic Party, the position, so, they don’t have any choice. If you’re gonna get the money, you’ve gotta support their position, therefore, 97% of the scientific reports published support global warming. Why? Because those are the ones the government pays for and that’s where the money is. It’s real simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s right, that doesn’t make it true, that only makes it bought and paid for, the money goes in circles.”

Stelter: “I’m not a scientist, I’m not gonna try to refute you on the facts–”

Coleman: “Well, that’s the truth. Please stand back from this issue and let the two sides be on the air. There are 31,000 scientists that have signed a petition that says it is not valid, that my position is correct, and we’ll keep battling, and we will prevail in time.”

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