Well Known Transgender Activist Accused Of Raping Two Minors In Philadelphia

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Trans activist pedophile kendall stephens

Prominent LGBTQ+ activist Kendall Stephens was taken into custody on charges of sexual assault against two minors.

The 37 year old who urged for more inclusive hate crime legislation within the city, is facing serious allegations involving two young boys under the age of 13.

Officials say Stephens, who is a trans woman, was arrested and charged with rape, involuntary assault, obscenity to minors, corruption of minors, unlawful assault to minors and involuntary deviant sexual intercourse.

TGP reports: Stephens gained wider recognition following an attack in her Point Breeze neighborhood, which she reported as being targeted violence because she is a ‘transgender woman,’ according to FOX 29.

“Stephens is the same woman who survived a brutal hate-crime in her Point Breeze home on August 24, 2020 in which the attacker, Tymesha Wearing pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and conspiracy,” the news outlet reported.

In the wake of her own experience with violence, Stephens had become a voice for LGBTQ+ rights. Her calls for legislative change led to her standing side by side with officiators, including District Attorney Larry Krasner, to establish an LGBTQ+ Advisory Board aimed at providing resources and support for crime victims within the LGBTQ+ community.

The irony of the situation is not lost on the community, with the allegations standing in stark contrast to the activism that Stephens has been involved in.

Attorney General has filed multiple charges, including indecent assault against a person less than 13 years old, rape, unlawful contact with minor sexual offenses, and endangering the welfare of children – parent or guardian.

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office told 6ABC that due to the case being led by another agency, they could not provide further comment.

Local authorities have set bail at $250,000; other reports suggest it is $500,000. Stephens’ next court appearance is scheduled for December 29.


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