Western Officials Preparing To Lock People in Cities As ‘Apocalyptic’ Nuclear War Looms

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Western officials prepare to lock people in cities as nuclear war on horizon

Western officials are engaged in “prudent planning” to stop people fleeing cities in the event of a nuclear war with Russia.

According to The Guardian, an unnamed Western official, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed that a looming nuclear crisis means that officials are preparing to mitigate possible terror-stricken reactions from the populations in the West. 

Businessinsider.com reports: Officials are considering measures to prevent panic buying and people fleeing cities in fear, according to the Western official, per The Guardian. Officials are also looking into plans to provide emergency support and reassurance to millions of fearful citizens should Russia detonate a nuclear bomb, The Guardian said.

Kate Hudson, the general secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, told The Guardian: “This ‘prudent planning’ harks back to the British government’s Cold War-era “Protect and Survive” campaign – which was roundly condemned by CND as giving the false impression that a nuclear attack could be survived by whitewashing windows and other irrelevances.”

“Protect and Survive,” a controversial British public information campaign in the mid to late 1970s, advised the public on how to safeguard themselves during a nuclear attack.

According to US intelligence, per BBC News, Russia has about 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons — small nuclear warheads that can be deployed on the battlefield.

In recent speeches, Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated he is willing to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. Last month, he said he would use “all available means” to safeguard Russian territory.

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, President Joe Biden said he doesn’t think Putin will use nuclear weapons. However, the president warned that “mistakes” and “miscalculations” could “end in Armageddon.”

French President Macron said France would “evidently” not use nuclear weapons in retaliation. This comment was widely criticized by political commentators and opponents, Politico reported.